Sound Travels: New World Music Mondays

Sound Travels Monday marked the start of Sound Travels daily. And while we go daily, I’m taking this into ever more diverse directions, doing slightly different things with the world music each day. Monday’s from here on will be about new releases, so we can all stay on top of the new. Today I have a bunch of new comps to share, tons of different stuff on these, mostly psychedelic sounds.

The first up is actually Afro Rock, Vol. 1 to be precise; and what an important comp this was. Originally realeased in 2001 on Duncan Booker’s indie Kona label, the album was instrumental in generating a thirst amoung jazz, soul and funk freaks to dig deeper and “discover” lost music from Africa made in the 60’s and 70’s. This album also was one of the first to reach audiences different than than those traditionally associated with world music.

Geraldo Pino “Heavy Heavy Heavy” Afro Rock Vol. 1


Ya’ll also heard a couple of cuts from an excellent compilation called Absolute Belter which features Mid-Med-mod- rock and Spanish psychsploitation from the ‘Cradle of Spanish Pop.’ Tons of rare cuts on this gem that just came out on the excellent Finders Keepers label based in the UK.

Furia “Furia” Absolute Belter


Los Roller “Un Consejo” Absolute Belter


I mentioned the UK label Finders Keepers before and they’re here again with an album to anticipate called Pomegranates:  Persian Pop, Funk, Folk, and Psych of the 60s & 70s. You gotta love the title if you’re a blogger because it pretty much sums up the what of it but the sound, is so good. This is the kind of stuff that you really can’t find unless ethnomusicologist is your chosen profession. C’mon, rare funk from Iran…? You goys ta love it!

Zia “Helelyos” Pomegranates: Persian Pop, Funk, Folk, and Psych of the 60s & 70s


Last, we heard an unknown song from an unknown DJ. What is known is that the latest installment of the Trapdoor mix series on Dis Joint Records is incredibly dope, indelably psychedelic. Trapdoor II is a seamless mix of the most intriguing songs. Songs not given names per se, but rather symbols, or hieroglyphs to a forgotten culture of cool. And cool, is exactly what this comp is.

Trap Door II “°‹” Trap Door: An International Psychedelic Mystery MixMystery Mix



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