Summer In The Pharcyde

This week on the Seven O’Clock Sample, we explore the music of one of the greatest producers of all time!

Quincy Jones!

During five decades in the entertainment industry, Jones has earned a record 79 Grammy Award nominations, 27 Grammys,including a Grammy Legend Award in 1991. Quincy was also the first black American to win an Academy Award for best musical film score.  His work in Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Film, Television and Theatre is nothing short of amazing!

With such a large body of work, Quincy has been sampled numerous times. One of his most popular samples, is not from one of his most popular songs…

I’m sure you know this one!

So where is that catchy organ loop from?

From his 1973 A&M release, it’s Quincy Jones with “Summer In The City”


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