Video | Gayngs, “Cry”

The Guardian calls the forthcoming album “Relayted” from the midwestern supergroup Gayngs ‘Album of The Year So Far.’ Founded by Minneapolis Digitata’s Ryan Olson, Gayngs is an ode to the sound of 10cc. The album drops next Tuesday on May 11th on Jagujaguar. This is the first video from the album, and it is a cover of 10cc spin-off Godley & Creme’s “Cry.” The video features among others Justin Vernon(Bon Iver), Maggie Morrison(Lookbook, Digitata), James Buckley (Mystery Palace), Sims (Doomtree), Dessa(Doomtre) and P.O.S.(Doomtree, Rhymesayers)


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  1. I am glad to see someone pay homage to Godley & Creme, whose contributions to popular music have been immeasurable. Godley & Creme invented a guitar effectrs device called the Gizmotron ( when they were with the great 70s group, 10cc. After leaving 10cc to play more experimental pop music, Godley & Creme created their own music videos, which caught the attention of other artists. Soon Godley & Creme were making music videos for other groups, and help revolutionize the field in the process. I hope their achievements continue to inspire others. Thank you for the post, Tarik!

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