Sound Travels Thursday: Classic Danish Rock

Thursday is a stylish day on Sound Travels. By style, I mean genre and in some cases a particular artist. Classic Danish rock was a request I found in my inbox  not that long ago, so when Thursday rolled up on me I knew where I was going, to a degree. I’ve never really heard that much music from Denmark, so I really had to expend my research to get at some of this stuff. What I found was a bit surprising and really quite good. And while I cannot claim to be well versed in classic Danish rock, even at this point. I did find some good music that should you follow it out to its more modern outgrowths, you’d be on a good tack. If you missed what I had going on on Thursday, these were the cuts…

Steppeulvene “Itsi Bitsi”  De Skæve – Fed Danske Flipperhits


Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe “All About All” W.W.W.


Peter Belli “Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da” Peter Belli Bedst 1965-1970


C.V. Jorgensen “Strobybeduinen” Storbyens Sma Oaser


Shit & Chalou “Kold Fisk” De Skæve – Fed Danske Flipperhits


Ache “Slaraffenland” Staerk Tobak



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