Sound Trip: RAS Movement

If you caught last Friday’s Sound Travels, you likely noted a couple of things. First, that we got off to an incredibly late start due to some uncooperative, renegade mics in the main studio. Second, I’m sure you heard the interview with what may be Milwaukee’s best reggae group, RAS Movement. While that’s not necessarily news to many of you, I am sure that to quite a few this sounds extremely new, and I hope good. If you missed it, I have here…

RAS Movement on Sound Travels


Good music! Much respect to the crew for coming through. And while I’d love to have them in the studio anytime, precisely because of the great energy and presence they bring, I actually had them in the studio because of a show that they are doing this weekend (May 21st – May 23rd) up at The Concord House in Sullivan Wisconsin. The event is run by Jam For Jam, and features a stellar line up of local and regional acts. Bands like We Are Your FatherRoster McCabeBrian Cherry Band, Tristan Royalty Squad are all on the bill for the first festival of the season, and of course, so is RAS Movement. Click the links and check it out.


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