Rhythm Lab Radio Presents | Gayngs Deconstructed

On this past Friday’s Rhythm Lab Radio, we presented a special mix entitled Gayngs Deconstructed.  The mix comprised of music from various artists who are all part of the Gayngs project. Gayngs is the midwestern super group formed by Ryan Olson from Minneapolis Digitata and Building Better Bombs.  The project features about 24 different artists from different bands.  Artists such as Justin Vernon & Mike Noyce from Bon Iver, Maggie Morrison &  from Lookbook and Digitata, Stefon LeRon Alexander aka P.O.S, Maggie Wander aka Dessa, James Buckley from Mystery Palace, Michael Lewis from Happy Apple & Andrew Bird’s band and more.

Gayngs will kick off their fall tour in Milwaukee on September 29th at Turner Hall Ballroom.

Gayngs Deconstructed Mix


Bon Iver – Blood Bank
Andrew Bird – Opposite Day
P.O.S. – “Optimist”
Solid Gold – “Get Over It”
Solid Gold – “Bible Thumper”
Mystery Palace – “Two Way Stranger”
Leisure Birds – “Burn The Beach”
P.O.S. – “Music For Shoplifting”
Andrew Bird – “Imitosis”
Megafaun – “The Process”
Roma Di Luna – “The Romance of Wolves”
Lookbook – “Surprise”
The Rosebuds – “Nice Fox”
Digitata – “Week Teeth”
Dessa – “Alibi”
Happy Apple – “Green Grass Stains on Wrangler Jeans”


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