Hey Kids… I Feel Like Bustin’ Loose

This week on 7 O Clock Sample, we are exploring the music of the soulful CHUCK BROWN.

I forgot to blog Tuesday’s pick,so you all get an extra long bonus post today!

Chuck Brown is the “godfather of Go-Go”, as style of funk that was prevalent in the Washington D.C. area in the 1970s.  Go-Go has more bounce and upbeat than you may find in northern or west coast funk styles.

In 1978, Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers released the album Bustin’ Loose.  It’s title track is one of Chuck’s most popular songs…

(this video is AWESOME!)

This sweet track has been sampled by a number of artists, from Eric B and Rakim, to Public Enemy, and even NELLY. ( remember that fool? )  My favorite sample example, is from Cold Cut….

This track utilizes a lot of great samples beside Chuck’s, including some James Brown and even a song from the Jungle Book!

Chuck has not only been sampled, he has sampled some tunes himself….

Check out this track he did with DJ KOOL in 2007!

You really can’t go wrong with DJ KOOL yelling all over your track!  Here is the original sample from George Benson!


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