Dear Monsters of Folk, It’s The Roots.

This week on the Seven O Clock sample, we are exploring the music of Summerfest artists.

The world’s largest music festival kicks off on Milwaukee’s lakefront TODAY!, so I thought it’d be smart to look into some of the samples we may hear at this summer’s festival.

On July 1st, one of Hip Hop’s greatest acts will be back at Summerfest!


Their new album is out this week, on Def Jam!

Tarik broke the news of this track back in May on the ARE YOU FEELING THIS segment.

I assume the Roots may play this new one…

The Roots – “Dear God 2.0”

This example blurs the line between sampling and covering. Some may say this is better suited for the 5 O Clock Shadow, but I know the Roots. ( I really do, I’ve met them several times… ) and I know that they are not afraid to grab up a sample, and rework it.
This is a particularly interesting case, seeing as how the track is titled The Roots feat. Jim James and Monsters of Folk “Dear God 2.0”. The original was on the 2009 release from Jim James from My Morning Jacket, Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes and M. Ward… THE MONSTERS OF FOLK!


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