Time For Some Lightnin’

This week on the Seven O Clock sample, we continue our exploration of the music of Summerfest.

The world’s largest music festival kicks continues today on Milwaukee’s lakefront, so I thought it’d be smart to look into some of the samples we may hear at this year’s festival

Headlining the Miller Oasis on Friday night, rock/hip-hop super group N.E.R.D. will perform.

Their new album NOTHING is due out this fall, and their last album SEEING SOUNDS is one of my favorite releases of 2008. The first track on the album is a high energy party starter called “Time For Some Action”.

While this song contains NO ACTUAL samples, there is without a doubt, some creative idea sampling on this track. In 1973, poet and activist Lightnin’ Rod teamed up with Kool and The Gang to produce the album HUSTLER’S CONVENTION. This album has been sampled by Nas, Smiff and Wesson, The Jungle Brothers and Beastie Boys so naturally I had placed this track in my sample files. However after checking some album credits, I found that I was mistaken. But listen to the first 10 seconds of this track, and compare it to the first riff on “Time For Some Action”.
It’s really close!!!!

In an attempt to save face, here is a track that DID sample “Sport”


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