Freebie | Cut Chemist, “Adidas to Addis”

Former DJ of the now defunct Jurassic Five Cut Chemist is back with a new album called “Sound of the Police”.  Known for complicated sets using more than two turntables, Cut Chemist take a new approach to his music on this forthcoming album using only one turntable,  a mixer, all original vinyl pressings and a loop pedal. The album was meant as a one-time performance for the Mochilla Timeless series (I highly recommend you check out the DVD).

The music chosen for this mix goes quite a bit deeper into the crate than his other contributions. Driven by his passion for Ethiopian, Colombian, Sudanese and Afro-Brazilian sounds, this mix also features a few classic tunes you might recognize. Sound Of The Police puts it all in context to help the listener remember that hip-hop culture is indeed rooted in Africa.

The album will be release on July 27, but you and listen and download the first track from “Sound of The Police” right now.


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