New Music Wednesday | Jaill, Fresh Cut Collective, Herbie Hancock and KHB

On this week’s New Music Wednesday, (7/14/2010), we have new music from Jaill, Fresh Cut Collective, Herbie Hancock, and KHB. Listen to the tracks below and then let us know what you think by voting for your favorite tune.

New Music Wednesday is sponsored by Whiskey Bar.

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Jaill – “The Stroller”
Fresh Cut Collective – “Bumblebee”
Herbie Hancock – “Space Captain”
KHB – “I Believe” feat Raashan Ahmad

2 Responses

  1. Hold up fall back…Hold up fall back….KHB is definately back with a vengeance!! This collabo with longtime bay area homie Raashan Ahmad…C’mon man..If u sleepin..U besta wake up..Do U Believe??? Lemme hear u say yea!! Peaceyaself, Rome Jones

  2. That Fresh Cut Collective album is ridiculous. Every member of the group is talented meaning there are no weak links. I guarantee you’ve never heard anything like it. “Ridin'” is the my favorite joint on the album. Anyone living in Milwaukee should blast that with the windows down while driving by the lakefront. Ya’ll know what I mean. When I listen to FCC’s debut album, I think back to a line from Common’s ‘6th Sense’ “If revolution had a movie I’d be theme music. My music, you can either fight, fu*k, or dream to it.”

    These guys are unique. Never heard anything like em. Not only that, but they leave it all on the stage when performing. Lets get them the air time they deserve!

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