Sound Travels: New Music (and Some of it is Free)

Carlou D is an outspoken singer, songwriter and an exceptional guitarist who emerged out of Senegal’s exciting hip-hop scene of the 90s. In the suburbs of Dakar that Carlou D was born 30 years ago and raised under the musical eye of his father, who initiated him into the vast and varied styles of music of that time. Immediately hooked on the sounds, Carlou D left school at sixteen and began performing on local stages set up around his neighbourhood. When his father took a second wife and deserted the family, the young singer was left to look after the family and suddenly understood the old adage that people who suffer a lot are close to God. As a young adult Carlou joined Senegal’s first, and arguably most successful, hip-hop group, Positive Black Soul. He adopted a voice which would speak out about social ills, human behaviour and political situations. In 2004 after having performed with the band worldwide he left to start his solo career. So far so good…checkit!

Carlou D “Sen Regal” Muzikr

Interesting release here from the always crucial cats in the Mungo’s crew. The album is credited to an artist(s?) who goes by the name Pintxatu. Pinxatu’s MySpace profile has their location as Havana, Cuba while nearly everything on that same page has precious little in Spanish. If they were from Havana, why would that be? A little more research reveals jack squat that I can translate and/or communicate other than the fact that they may actually be from the Basque country in Northern Spain. All of this actually appears less relevant in regard to the song I played today, which as far as I can tell is in the style that Mungo’s HiFi has. That Scottish emcee Soom T is on the track makes this feel more Mungo’s than anything else. Origins aside, the cut is crucial; laced with a ska tempo with Soom T’s vocal riding on top, it’s a bubbly, summertime reggae  jam.

Mungo’s Hifi “Next Dimension feat. Soom T” A Fuego Negro “Pintxatu”


Just A Band is a Kenyan house/funk/disco band whose career was launched with their debut album, Scratch To Reveal, in 2008. The group was formed when their members were studying at the Kenyatta University. They went on to release the song “Iwinyo Piny” accompanied by a self-made animated music video. Initially the song received little airplay due to its unconventional musical style, but with time they started to gain popularity through underground channels. Their debut album Scratch To Reveal was relatively successful. They released their second single ‘Ha-He’ on 17th March, 2010, with a music video featuring a fictional character known as Makmende; an event that apparently went viral within the Kenyan media. With good reason, this band is excellent and I like their savvy with promotion and they even have an unconventionally fantastic bio that you can read here

Just A Band “Ha-He” 85

Coming from different parts of Jamaica, the members of Dubtonic Kru, individually have been exposed to a variety of musical genres over the years. Founded by Deleon “Jubba” White and Strickland “Stone” Stone, a dynamic Drum & Bass duo who have contributed to the development of modern Roots Reggae with their unique sound and approach that intertwines Jubba’s mesmorizing Reggae/Jazz Fusion drumming with Stone’s groovy, yet pulsating bass lines. The Kru has gained about a decade and a half of experience from touring and or recording with the legendary likes of Max Romeo, U-Roy, Burning Spear, The Mighty Diamonds as well as modern day artistes such as Bushman, Junior Kelly, Richie Spice, Lutan Fyah and Voicemail to name a few…  Their songs and spoken words are consciously thought provoking, while their rhythm/dub section walks through the passage of time with a gritty sound that rolls stones and breaks fences. Dubtonic Kru raises the bar and keeps it cool and interestingly spontaneous.

Dubtonic Kru “World Crisis” Dubtonic Fever


Dubtonic Kru will be coming to town this week to perform on the 88Nine stage at The Brady Street Festival at 4pm. Also, later this week “Jubba” White will stop by for a Sound Travels interview on Friday. While I am all ready to catch these cats live, as a few of you may be too, I do have a very special offer that the band sent my way…free downloads of their new album! So if you want it, get it here:



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