I Hear Curtis!

This week on 7 o’clock sample,we are looking at SAMPLES WITH SOUL!

It’s been a while since I pulled out some old soul records, so I thought this week we would look at SAMPLES WITH SOUL.

To begin, I thought I’d get a track from Hip Hop’s sample whipping boy, BIZ MARKIE.

In 1991, Biz Markie was made an example for the entire legal music system.  I Need a Haircut sales were already low when Markie was served a lawsuit by Gilbert O’Sullivan, who claimed that the album’s Alone Again featured an unauthorized sample from his hit “Alone Again (Naturally)”. O’Sullivan’s claim was upheld in a landmark ruling, Grand Upright Music, Ltd. v. Warner Bros. Records, Inc.,that altered the landscape of hip-hop, finding that all samples must be cleared with the original artist before being used. In accordance with the ruling, Warner Bros., the parent company of Cold Chillin’, had to pull I Need a Haircut from circulation, and all companies had to clear samples with the samples’ creators before releasing the records.  After that, sampling was never the same.

Before all of that, ( and even after ) Biz released some great hits, using some great samples… Like this one.

Sound familiar?

Well if you have this record,

than you know the song…

From his 1971, live solo debut, it’s Curtis Mayfield with WE’RE A WINNER.

( here is an extended live version for your sample pleasure.. )


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