I Know You Got Samples

This week’s 7’oclock sample theme is SAMPLE WITH SOUL! And few brothers have as much soul as Mr. BOBBY BYRD…

Bobby is the man who discovered James Brown.  Byrd and Brown met in a Georgia youth detention facility, where Brown was an inmate. Byrd’s local baseball team played the prison team of which Brown was a member. It was Bobby Byrd’s family that sponsored his release and took him in.  Bobby brought James into the soul scene through the FAMOUS FLAMES, which eventually became known as James Brown and the Famous Flames.

Bobby continues to work with James through the 50s, 60s and 70s.  Byrd’s leadership with the Flames and then the J.B.s, acted as the backbone to those funky legs and arms of Mr. Dynamite.

Bobby has released some great records with and without James.  Including this 1971 hit…

That’s a funky jam!  And I’m not the only one who thinks so!  This song has been sampled by a whos-who of Hip Hop acts.  Public Enemy, Ice Cube, King Tee, Everlast and Eric B and Rakim have all sampled this track.  Of all of them, the one that stands out most for me, is the Eric B and Rakim song of the same name….



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