That Young MC is one bad mother… SHUT YO MOUTH!

Our theme on 7 o’clock sample this week, is TV and MOVIE Theme music!

( mixing it up on the ONEs and TWOs )

There are a lot of great TV and Movie themes that have been sampled; JAWS, Knight Rider, Fat Albert Theme, even Inspector Gadget has been run through a drum machine.

This morning I wanted to go back to one of my personal favorite movie themes.

(this video is WAY too good, for me to post any other version! )

In case you DID NOT know, that was the theme to the Movie SHAFT.

If you have NOT seen Shaft, I highly suggest you run out to your local DVD retailer, and buy a copy today!

I’m not the only DJ/Producer in love with this track, it’s been sampled by a few, but  I have to say that this version is my favorite…

From his Award winning 1988 release STONE COLD RHYMIN’ it’s non-other than YOUNG MC!



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