That Young MC is one bad mother… SHUT YO MOUTH!

Our theme on 7 o’clock sample this week, is TV and MOVIE Theme music!

( mixing it up on the ONEs and TWOs )

There are a lot of great TV and Movie themes that have been sampled; JAWS, Knight Rider, Fat Albert Theme, even Inspector Gadget has been run through a drum machine.

This morning I wanted to go back to one of my personal favorite movie themes.

(this video is WAY too good, for me to post any other version! )

In case you DID NOT know, that was the theme to the Movie SHAFT.

If you have NOT seen Shaft, I highly suggest you run out to your local DVD retailer, and buy a copy today!

I’m not the only DJ/Producer in love with this track, it’s been sampled by a few, but  I have to say that this version is my favorite…

From his Award winning 1988 release STONE COLD RHYMIN’ it’s non-other than YOUNG MC!



Are You Feeling This | Deerhunter, Department of Eagles, Lauryn Hill and Cults

Lots of songs never make it to the radio that are getting lots of attention online. Live tracks, sanctioned and unsanctioned remixes, mash-ups, overlooked gems by unsigned artists. Every week on “Are You Feeling This,” we invite you to hear what the buzz is all about. You tell us what you think. Vote in the Are You Feeling This poll, leave a comment, send us an e-mail.

We have music from Deerhunter, Department of Eagles, Lauryn Hill and Cults. Take a listen below and let us know what you think by voting in the “Are You Feeling This” listener poll.

Deerhunter – “Revival”
Department of Eagles – “Sailing By Night”
Lauryn Hill – “Repercussions”
Cults – “Oh My God”

Sound Travels Sunday: Kaleideskopik Miks

Sound Travels Sunday Kaleideskopik Miks



Dubmatix “Killing Dub” Dread & Gold – Dub from the Smoke Factory

Mungo’s Hi-Fi “International Roots (feat. Earl 16)” Bad from EP1

Elphomega “A Fuego (Xclusivo)” A Fuego Negro “Pintxatu”

Matty G “Turf W*rz (Version 2)” My 808 / Turf W*rz

Numa Crew “Tuff Africa” Gangsta Na Play

ZaZa Twins “Couper Decaler instrumental”

Magic System “Un Gaou A Oran”

Ku-Bo “Kaggua”

Konono No. 1 “Guiyome” Assume Crash Position

Yaaba Funk “Bokum Mashie” Afrobeast

Gipsy Kings “Bamboleo” Greatest Hits

Oliver Mtukudzi “Pindurai Mambo” Paivepo

Pappu Gill “Boliyan” Rocking Gabroo

Tino “Kick It Dub” Tino’s Dub Select

Mathieu Chedid “Ton Echo” Qui de Nous Deux

Guido & M. De Angelis “Il Cittadino Si Ribella” Beretta 70 – Themes From Thrilling Italian Police Films 1971-80

Ska Cubano “Chango (Dancehall Mix)” Ska Cubano

Balkan Beatbox “Bulgarian Chicks” Gypsy Beats And Balkan Bangers

The Dø “Unissasi Laulelet” A Mouthful

Ramiro Musotto “Ogum” Civilizacao & Barbarye

Os Tincoãs “Atabaque Chora” 1977

The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit) “Wena” The Very Best’ Mixtape

Nossa “Nossa Beat Down” Exclusiva

The Weekly Top 5 Countdown: At The Barbeque


Bob Marley & The Wailers “Soul Shakedown Party”


Marcia Ball “Peace, Love & BBQ”


The New Mastersounds “Hot Dog”


Mumbo Gumbo “Barbeque”


Jeb Loy Nichols “Heaven Right Here”

Sound Travels Thursday: Chimurenga Music of Zimbabwe

Jonah Moyo & Devera Ngwena “Madiro” Taxi Driver


Oliver Mtukudzi “Pindurai Mambo” Paivepo


Thomas Mapfumo “Mhondoro” Gwindingwi Rine Shumba


Bhundu Boys “Ziva Kwawakabva” Shed Sessions


I Know You Got Samples

This week’s 7’oclock sample theme is SAMPLE WITH SOUL! And few brothers have as much soul as Mr. BOBBY BYRD…

Bobby is the man who discovered James Brown.  Byrd and Brown met in a Georgia youth detention facility, where Brown was an inmate. Byrd’s local baseball team played the prison team of which Brown was a member. It was Bobby Byrd’s family that sponsored his release and took him in.  Bobby brought James into the soul scene through the FAMOUS FLAMES, which eventually became known as James Brown and the Famous Flames.

Bobby continues to work with James through the 50s, 60s and 70s.  Byrd’s leadership with the Flames and then the J.B.s, acted as the backbone to those funky legs and arms of Mr. Dynamite.

Bobby has released some great records with and without James.  Including this 1971 hit…

That’s a funky jam!  And I’m not the only one who thinks so!  This song has been sampled by a whos-who of Hip Hop acts.  Public Enemy, Ice Cube, King Tee, Everlast and Eric B and Rakim have all sampled this track.  Of all of them, the one that stands out most for me, is the Eric B and Rakim song of the same name….


Sound Travels Wednesday: Guest Mix “Funky Isthmus” from DJ’s Gnotes & Canyon

Normally, I put together all the Sound Travels sets, today however, I wanted to share one from a DJ whose mixes I’ve been digging for a while. DJ Canyon Cody has been a favorite of mine for the sensibility and freshness he brings to his mixes. Old-school, new-school converge; his palette is worked with purpose and are some of the freshest mixes out there. So here I decided to feature this excellent mix on the air. There is a lot to like about it and you can find more details on Cody’s blog. You can also download the mix there or HERE.

The mix features original Gnawledge hiphop remezclas of Panamanian calypso, funk and cumbia from the 1960s & 70s, sampled from Soundway Records 12″ vinyl compilations Panama! Vol. 1, Panama! Vol. 2, & Panama! Vol. 3.

Gnotes & DJ Canyon Cody Panama Doaba: Funky Isthmus Mixtape