Dilla is LOVE

Last week a listener asked me to explore some J Dilla beats on the SEVEN O CLOCK SAMPLE, so I said…

Ok, let’s TURN IT UP!

DIlla passed away in 2006, after a long battle with Lupus.  Many knew Jay Dee was sick, but few saw his death coming.

When he passed, the Hip Hop world came to a halt.  Folks from every corner of the globe stopped to pay tribute to the genres most influential, and under credited producer.  Still to this day, J Dilla tribute mixtapes, albums, shirts and images pop up on the regular.

In addition to his work with Slum Village and The Soulquarians, Dilla produced some of my favorite Hip Hop tracks. In 2004, he worked with fellow Solquarian COMMON, on his Kanye West produced come back album BE.  Common’s previous album Electric Circus, which also featured Dilla, was a commercial flop.  Common was ready to start again, he left MCA and released a new and fresh sounding album on Kanye’s GOOD MUSIC label.  J Dilla was the only producer, besides Kanye, to contribute a beat on this album, and I must say, it’s one of the best….

This beautiful beat can be found on one of Dillas mid 2000s beat tapes, which became known in the industry as donuts.

Here is what the beat sounded like before Common got it…

The sample that Dilla dug up for this track is a Marvin Gaye 45, that was released in 1970 on Tamla.

(listen closely at 1:19 )

MARVIN GAYE and J DILLA… A match made in heaven.

R.I.P Fellas.


Sound Travels: New Music Monday!

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Shing 02 “Whirlwind (Tokimonsta Mix)” 400[RVL]


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Sound Travels Sunday: Brazil Week Begins

Sound Travels Sunday Sertao do Favela Mixtape



Caetano Veloso “Lost In The Paradise” Tropicália – A Brazilian Revolution In Sound

Jorge Ben “Take it Easy My Brother Charlie” Tropicália – A Brazilian Revolution In Sound

Secos E Molhados “Amor” Secos E Molhados

Edson Frederico “Tava Mas Nao Tava” Brazilian Beats Brooklyn

Donato e Seu Conjuto “Cafua” Brazilian Beats Brooklyn

Piry “Heroi Moderno” Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas

Grupo Arembepe “Iaiá” Black Rio: Brazil Soul Power 1971-1980

Trio Mocotó “Lírio Para Xangô” Beleza! Beleza!! Beleza!!!

Kenny Dope “Percussion Breakdown” Brazilika

Funky Como Le Gusta “Nervosa” Future World Funk – Urban Brazil

Cacique ’97 “Eu Quero Tudo” Cacique ’97

Nossa “Ai Voce Gosta feat. Zuzuca Ponderosa” Exclusiva

DJ Sany Pitbull “Beatch Brazil” Baile Funk Masters #2

Ed Lincoln “Cochise”

Os Devianos “Embalo Diferente”  The Brazilian Funk Experience

Joao Parahyba “Piraquara” Future World Funk – Urban Brazil

Mr. Confuse “En Movimiento” Brazilectro: Latin Flavoured Club Tunes

Coletivo Rádio Cipó “Cowboy sem Lei”  Formigando na Calçada do Brasil

Naçao Zumbi “Na Hora Ir” Futura

Cidadão Instigado “Os Urubus Só Pensam Em Te Comer”  E  O Método Túfo De Experiências

Di Melo “A Vida Em Seus Metodos Di Calma” Di Melo

Trio Esperança “Nao Aguento Voce” Brazilian Beats Brooklyn

Elis Regina “Sai Dessa”

Djavan “Aquele Um”

Lenine “Jack Sou Brasileiro” Na Pressão

The Weekly Top 5 Countdown: Movies, and their songs


Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me” from “The Breakfast Club”


Coolio “Gangster’s Paradise” from “Dangerous Minds”


Simon & Garfunkel “Mrs. Robinson” from “The Graduate”


Chuck Berry “You Never Can Tell” from “Pulp Fiction”


Bee Gees “Stayin’ Alive” from “Saturday Night Fever”

Genius of Samples

This week on 7 o clock sample we are exploring the sounds of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five…

In 1982, Grandmaster Flash and The FF released their debut full length album “THE MESSAGE”

This is one of the earliest Hip Hop albums to gain crossover appeal.  In 1982 it reached #8 on the R&B Billboard charts and #53 on the Billboard top 100.  For a RAP record in 1982, that was an amazing accomplishment!

Track number 2 on side A of this album was “IT’S NASTY”

A great song that “sampled” another great song…

* A few interesting notes about this sample.

– The track was #1 on the Billboard Dance charts in 1981, just one year prior to “IT’S NASTY”

– The Grandmaster Flash song contain no actual samples, but rather the Sugar Hill house band plays the loop.

– This track has been sampled many many times, most notably Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde’s “Genius Rap” in 1981; Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy” in 1995; Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” in 1996; and The X-Ecutioners’ “Genius of Love 2002” in 2002.

New Music Wednesday | Atmosphere, Mavis Staples, AUTOmatic, and Stornoway

On this week’s New Music Wednesday, (8/25/2010), we have new music from Atmosphere, Mavis Staples, AUTOmatic, and Stornoway. Listen to the tracks below and then let us know what you think by voting for your favorite tune.

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Atmosphere – “To All My Friend”

Mavis Staples – “Wrote A Song For Everyone”
AUTOmatic – “Higher”
Stornoway – “Zorbing”

Are You Feeling This | Matthew Hemerlein, Foster the People, !!! and Balam Acab

Lots of songs never make it to the radio that are getting lots of attention online. Live tracks, sanctioned and unsanctioned remixes, mash-ups, overlooked gems by unsigned artists. Every week on “Are You Feeling This,” we invite you to hear what the buzz is all about. You tell us what you think. Vote in the Are You Feeling This poll, leave a comment, send us an e-mail.

We have music from Matthew Hemerlein, Foster The People, !!! and Balam Acab.

Matthew Hemerlein – “Animal” (download)
Foster The People – “Pumped Up Kicks”
!!! – “AM/FM”
Balam Acab – “See Birds”