An Ode to Melvin Bliss

This week on the Seven O’Clock sample, we are paying homage to the late, great MELVIN BLISS.

Melvin Bliss is a soul and R&B artist that you may have never heard of… but I guarantee that you’ve HEARD him.

In 1973, Melvin recorded a single on SUNBURST records called “Reward”.  The single needed a B-side and Melvin wrote a song about the takeover of technology called “Synthetic Substitution”.  This song was no ordinary B-side… years after it’s release, it became one of the most sampled drum breaks in all of Hip Hop.

Take a listen to this classic break…

HEard that drum break?  Well that one has been used by some of the best Hip Hop track ever recorded…

Here is a list of a few songs that have used this classic break;
Pee-Wee’s Dance by Joeski Love (1986), Ego Trippin’ by Ultramagnetic MC’s (1986), Miuzi Weighs a Ton by Public Enemy (1987), Don’t Believe the Hype by Public Enemy (1988), Funky Dividends by Three Times Dope (1988), Potholes in My Lawn by De La Soul (1989), Jazzy’s Groove by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (1989), Eazy Street by Eazy-E (1990), Brothers Gonna Work It Out by Public Enemy (1990)… and even O.P.P. by Naughty by Nature (1991)

(guilty pleasure warning)

As the 90s continued, the list goes on…

DWYCK by Gang Starr feat. Nice & Smooth (1992), For Pete’s Sake by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth (1992), Ya Mama by The Pharcyde (1992), Hot Potato (Remix) by Freestyle Fellowship (1993), Saturday Nite Live by Masta Ace (1993), How U Get a Record Deal by Big Daddy Kane (1993), Anything Can Happen by Souls of Mischief (1993), Turn the Party Out by Tha Alkaholiks (1993), Stone Age by De La Soul feat. Biz Markie (1993), A Name I Call Myself by Souls of Mischief (1993), Bring Da Ruckus by Wu-Tang Clan (1993) and Code of the Streets by Gang Starr (1994)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, stay tuned as we continue to explore this sample later this week!


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