Saturday Session Catch UP!

Hello everybody!

It’s Jordan here, and I must apologize for being a bit behind on my Saturday Session blog posts.

It’s been a very busy summer here at 88NINE, and I have not blogged the Saturday Session for sometime now.

So let’s rewind and see what has been up in the 88NINE studios…

Every Saturday night here on 88NINE, we invite a MKE DJ to come into the studio and give us 2 hours of his or her choice.  This helps us provide our listeners with new and unique music that you will not find anywhere else, and it help us reach out further to the Milwaukee music scene.

Back in July, we had some great mixes, including Demetri Nocturnal, Kenny Perez and Dj Puffin.
Take a listen…

Demetri Nocturnal by radiomilwaukee

Kenny Perez by radiomilwaukee

DJ Puffin by radiomilwaukee

We also recently had a very special episode of Saturday Session which featured Marcus, Jordan AND Tarik all on one show. The RUN ADAM RUN episode of Saturday Session was a wrap up of the mixes that we created for Adam’s run in the Missoula Marathon in Montana.

Adam asked us to create an inspirational mix to keep his legs moving for 3 and a half hours! ( whew )
We each had a direction from Adam in what he wanted the mixes to sound like…

Jordan: Ignition (there will be plenty of adrenaline pumping at the
beginning of the race, so I’m looking for a nice, building groove that has a
hint of restraint to it)
Marcus: Deep Concentration
Tarik: Savage Focus (start more contemplative and intense, but by the
end, transition into the epic and overwhelming)

Take a listen here to my interview with Adam and the mixes…

Run Adam Run! by radiomilwaukee

You can get the un-edited mixes for your work out below…
Work Out With 88NINE by radiomilwaukee


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