Synthetic Substitution; A Pretty Break

This week we are paying our respects to the late great Melvin Bliss, and his classic track SYNTHETIC SUBSTITUTION…

This track has been sampled for decades, by some of the best of the best in Hip Hop.  Check out Tuesday’s post for a more comprehensive list.  I’d be foolish to not give credit for the massive amounts of sampling this track has seen, to the tracks drummer.

Bernard “pretty” Purdie was the session drummer on this classic soul jam and his resume is nothing short of AMAZING!

Here as a short list of some of the albums he has appeared on.. James Brown – Cold Sweat (1967, King Curtis and his Kingpins – Instant Soul (1967), James Brown – Say It Loud-I’m Black & I’m Proud (1969), Aretha Franklin – Young, Gifted and Black (1972), BB King – Completely Well (1970), Robert Palmer’s Insect Trust – Hoboken Saturday Night (1970), Herbie Mann – Push, Push (1971), Miles Davis – Get Up with It (1972), BB King – Guess Who (1973), Cat Stevens – Foreigner (1973), Hall & Oates – Abandoned Luncheonette (1973), Jimmy McGriff – Come Together (1974), Joe Cocker – I Can Stand a Little Rain (1974), Cornell Dupree – Teasin’ (1975), Steely Dan – The Royal Scam (1976)… whoooo.

Bernard Purdie is one of popular music’s un-sung heroes. ( Don’t be surprised if I do a Bernard Purdie week very soon here. )

This break has continued to be sampled in the recent past, here are a few of my favorites…


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