Help Pezzettino Build an Album

Here at 88NINE we always encourage you to get involved with the community you are part of.  Whether it’s volunteering your time with a local non-profit, helping to spread the word about good things going on in your neighborhood, and sometimes; making a financial contribution to support what is near and dear to you.

Last night we received an email from LMNtylst about his new project with Pezzettino called LUBDUB.

We’ve heard a few tracks from this new project, but are all anxiously awaiting it’s release.  The email from LMNtylst explained exactly why we are waiting…

This dynamic duo have decided to go INDIE on this release of this album, but they still need the financial backing to bring the physical product to the market.  So they are asking YOU to help.

Pezzettino and LMNtylst have set up a KICKSTARTER project to raise the $1,000 they need to press up their new album.

Here is Ms. P with more…

Sounds pretty great huh?

Well this is your chance to support the musician you know and love. you hear Pezzetinno and LMNtylst on Radio Milwaukee every week, if you love their music… Support it!

Click the link below and keep MKE music alive and well.


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