This morning I had the opportunity to have Kelsy Koffman and Sean Hieser in from the Jackpot Gallery in Riverwest on the Morning show to talk about this weekend’s RIVERWEST FEST.
Last year they began a DIY art studio in Riverwest called the Jackpot Gallery. Jackpot soon began to feature shows in the basement, which they dubbed the Eagle’s Nest.
As the nest grew in popularity, the city began to take notice to the crowds, and the Fire Department advised that they bring the venue up to code, or face some serious violations and fines.
In an attempt to become a legit venue, Kelsy and the gang are hosting a weekend long fundraiser called RIVERWEST FEST.

Here is my interview with the gang…
Part One

Part Two

Here is the complete line up for this weekend…

Friday, Aug. 13

Eagle’s Nest 3:00 Joz Z and Myles Coyne
Eagle’s Nest 4:00 Dandelion Spine
Uptowner 3:30 Okerlo
Uptowner 4:30 Cry Coyote
Cream City C 5:00 Ritual Form
Cream City C 6:00 Maidens
Bremen Cafe 5:30 Dinosaurus
Bremen Cafe 6:30 No Sleep for the Bear
Riverhorse 6:30 Breathe Fire
Riverhorse 7:30 Burning Sons
Club Timbuktu 7:00 Lord Brain
Club Timbuktu 8:00 Red Knife Lottery
Club Timbuktu 9:00 Terrior Bute
Stonefly 10:00 Jon Burks
Stonefly 11:00 John, The Savage
Stonefly 12:00 The Figureheads

Saturday, Aug. 14

Eagle’s Nest 3:00 Narrenschiff
Eagle’s Nest 4:00 Fahri
Bremen 3:30 Arto
Bremen 4:30 Lines & Terminals
Cream City C 5:00 Absolutely
Cream City C 6:00 Enabler
Riverhorse 5:30 Squidbotz
Riverhorse 6:30 Death Dream
Uptowner 7:30 Venus and Jank One
Uptowner 8:30 JDL
Club Timbuktu 7:00 Everybody at Midnight
Club Timbuktu 8:00 Centipedes
Club Timbuktu 9:00 The Trusty Knife
Stonefly 10:00 Mr. Hawk Fight
Stonefly 11:00 Curb
Stonefly 12:00 High Lonesome


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