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Why RadioMilwaukee? Why Not?

Independent-minded people need a place to go. A place where they can hear vibrant, relevant artists and music presented in unique, intelligent ways.

So… welcome and thanks for stopping by.

RadioMilwaukee is a new approach and music mix that doesn’t exist anywhere else in radio. It’s hand-built, designed for Milwaukee and we think it can welcome a lot of folks into the world of non-commercial radio. Every day, you’ll hear the ideas, aspirations and opinions of people who care about their community and are doing something to make it better.

We’re here for the folks who know the radio doesn’t have to be just more of what we already know. We’re here for the folks who know the radio is able to connect us and kick off meaningful conversations about our lives and culture, but see that, lately, it hasn’t made much of an effort.

Our eventual goal is simple: we want 100% of our audience to participate in the RadioMilwaukee-making process. Yeah. It’s completely unrealistic and presumptuous, but we’re like that. Hit the comments on the blogs, tell us about someone doing an amazing thing in the neighborhood, hip us to your favorite artist. Tell us where we’re not meeting your needs and tell us how we can fix it. Become a financial supporter, even!

You only get to make one first impression and when RadioMilwaukee launched on Monday, February 26, 2007 this was our first hour:
Michael Franti & Spearhead—”Everyone Deserves Music”
Sly & The Family Stone—”Dance to the Music”
Robert Randolph & The Family Band—”The Thrill of It”
R.E.M.—”Radio Song”
Esthero—”We R in Need of a Musical Revolution”
Damian Marley—”Welcome to Jamrock”
Elvis Costello—”Radio Radio”
Grand Master Flash—”The Message”
Jonny Lang—”Anything’s Possible”
Arthur Conley—”Sweet Soul Music”
Donavon Frankenreiter—”Move By Yourself”
Spanky Wilson & The Quantic Soul Orchestra—”I’m Thankful”
Clash—”This is Radio Clash”
Chic—”Everybody Dance”
John Mayer—”Waitin’ On the World to Change”

There’s no telling what’s on right now.

Stick around.
Get involved.
Tell your friends.
Be crazy – throw a few bucks into the pot so we can keep doing this.
And did we say Thank You for checking us out?


9 Responses

  1. Hey I’ve got something interesting you guys might want to do a story on.

    Attached is a release about Zude, the social community platform, and its partnership with Summerfest 2008.

    Summerfest selected Zude to be its first ever official online community. It’s designed to help the million or so Summerfest fans make the most of their experience.

    Zude will sponsor three eBay auctions, which will include backstage passes to see either The Crystal Method or Filter at

    Proceeds will go to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

    If you guys want to email me I can find the proper place to send you the press release.

    Even though you guys are based in Milwaukee I gotta say GO BADGERS.


  2. Hi, I thought you might find this story interesting.

    My sisters and I have a band called Truth On Earth. We write, produce, and sing original songs about major problems in the world such as Factory Farming, Cyberbullying, Starvation and Child Abuse to name a few. 70% of our profits go to those who are working on real solutions so that we can get earth on track and leave a planet worth inheriting to future generations. We would appreciate any networking suggestions you might have that would help us get the word out to a wider audience. At truthonearthband.com you can hear our music and read more about our mission. We just added our first music video “Factory Farm” to our youtube page as well.

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks,

  3. How about playing some Clamnation – they’ve been around Milwaukee for a long time – played at Summerfest, Jazz Estate, Jazz in the Park the last few years – lots of “new” bands sounding just like them……..

  4. i would like to bring Chicago house,freestyle music to Wi. check out myspace page. let me know,if we can work together. “DJ-2MEAN” CHECK ME OUT ON ” LOWERLEVELRADIO.COM”

  5. Hi,
    Hope all is well! I represent Into Arcadia who is playing the US Cellular Stage at Summerfest on July 3rd. I would love to invite one of your writers to come out and cover the show. What is the best way to go about aninterview request? thanks so much!

    Collette McLafferty
    The WInk Winks Managment

  6. Just wanted to drop a line from a music lover in Boston, who hasn’t listened to large radio in 12-15 years due to the bland non progressive sound. It is nice to see a group of folks pushing the envelope (like the great college radio stations!). Great podcasts and interviews!

  7. MackHeze
    NorthSide Rida Pub

    I love the fact your station does alot of business and music venues in milwaukee supporting people here keep it up baby

    I am an Mil town native desiring to perform and help others in our town to get there music heard and created

    What is the best way to go about an interview request?
    I wanna send some music how can I?
    thanks for the love

  8. I love the fact that you guys haven’t gone “mainstream” and “commercilized” yet, giving the little or unknown people to be featured on your show. thank you!!!

  9. Not sure if you ever play a local artist by the name of Jeff Hanson, he has one of the most amazing voices that I have ever heard. He was born in Waukesha, WI, he is an amazing artist, check him out, check out the song “If only I knew”.

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