Site of the Day | RootMusic’s Band Pages – Easily Promote Your Music on Your Facebook Page

RootMusic Band Pages

Are you a artist, DJ, or band and have a Facebook Fan Page, but you hate how it handles your music?  Do you wish you could have some of the features like MySpace when it comes to handling your music? Well your prayer might be answered thanks to a company called Rootmusic and their product Band Pages.  Band Pages allows you to create music page similar to MySpace, but better looking and more user friendly. With Band Pages, you can add photos, music, tour dates and your information right in Facebook.  Your fans can even post to your wall without leaving the page. Could this be the final nail in MySpace?  Check out a screenshot of an example page below:

Best of all, the service is free.  They even have videos to show you how to use it.  Give it a try, and if you set one up, post a link in the comments for everyone to see. (via Mashable)


Site of the Day: Kickstarter


Do have an idea, or creative project you always wanted to do, but don’t have the money to get it off the ground.  Well this site of the day might be your answer.  The site is called Kickstarter.  The site has simple premise: submit your idea, or creative project, and then set a funding goal and a date to reach your goal and then solicit your friends, your network & strangers to help fund your project.  Now you ask yourself, why I would I give money to a complete stranger for a project?  Well some of the projects on the site you might find very interesting plus people creating the projects are giving incentives to donate.  Also the money you pledge will not be collected until the project reaches it funding goal by set date.  So if the funding goal is not met by the set date of the project, no money is collected.

The site is for all creative types: musicians, filmakers, authors, bloggers, photographers, designers, inventors, and more. There all types of projects such as a music project to recreate Miles Davis’ album “Kind of Blue” with 8 bit machines. The project is called Kind of Bloop: An 8 Bit Tribute to Miles Davis. If you pledge $5 or more, you get an exclusive first access to download the finished album and private behind-the-scenes updates during its recording. If you pledge $30 or more, you will get all of the above, plus a limited-edition CD made only for Kickstarter backers. (Shipping included.)

Another project is called Electronola – An electronic gumbo of New Orleans. The creator wants to create an album blending traditional New Orleans musicians and electronic music. There is even a video of the creator explaining the project on his project page. Check out some of the projects for yourself, or if you got an idea for something, create an account and share your idea with the world.

Site of the Day – Memorial Day Edition: Map The Fallen


As you know this is Memorial Day Weekend, and this Monday is Memorial Day.  This is the weekend you take your family on a  , grill some brats and enjoy a day off from your job. Sometimes we forget what this day is really about.  It is the day we honor our fallen soldiers, marines, and airmen who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.  I take this time very personal because almost twelve years I have been serving in the Army Reserves as an officer and I’m still proudly serving. Take time to pay your respects whether you agree with the war in the Middle East or not. I have met soldiers who have been on 3 to 4 tours in less than six years away from their family.  Then there are the servicemen and servicewomen who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  Almost 5,700 men and women have lost their lives through out the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but all we know is that this is just a number and nothing about that individual.

Well someone over at the Google Earth Outreach program has been working on a project to give you a little insight to the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  The name of the project is called Map The Fallen.  He created a mash-up of Google Earth and data of each servicemen and servicewomen who have loss their lives throughout the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sean is the name of the creator  of this project and here is his statement regarding Map The Fallen:

This Memorial Day I would like to share with you a personal project of mine that uses Google Earth to honor the more than 5,700 American and Coalition servicemen and women that have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have created a map for Google Earth that will connect you with each of their stories—you can see photos, learn about how they died, visit memorial websites with comments from friends and families, and explore the places they called home and where they died.

ishot-123You can learn more about the project here and download the map (you need to download Google Earth to view the map which is free). I have been exploring the map, and I have to say it is very sobering. You can see photos of the fallen soldier, and even leave a comment.  So on this Memorial Day, take time and explore the map and get to know something about the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country and for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Site Of The Day: Legistalker, Stalk Your Elected Official


Within only a few months Twitter has grown exponentially and for some has been a source of news and information gathering. You can even follow your congressman or senator on Twitter to see what they’re up to.  However, what if you want more accountability and transparency of your elected official. Find out their voting record, what bills they are working on and more all in a snapshot.  Here is where the site Legistalker comes in. Legistalker was entry into Apps for America Contest which is a Sunlight Labs annual development contest! Prizes go to developers who can use data from Sunlight and our partners that makes Congress more accountable, interactive and transparent.

About Legistalker
Every day, Congress relies more and more on the Internet to communicate with the world. Legistalker makes it easy for you to stay on top of what your elected officials say and how they vote. Legistalker was created by as an entry for the competition. The ever-growing database is updated every 20 seconds, and relies on data from Twitter, YouTube, Capitol Words, literally hundreds of different news sources, and others.

The site is basically a mashup of various webtool to compile a “history” or activity feed of your elected official.  From tools like youtube to opencongress to twitter and more. You can create a personal watchlist of your elected officials (i.e.: Wisconsin elected official watchlist). They are currently working on phase 2 of the project which will incorporate complete politician voting history, grouping of politicians mentioned in the same news article, and more. Check it out for yourself.

Site of the Day: Chirpcity | Milwaukee


As you know RadioMilwaukee is on twitter.  If you have been following us, you seen some of the cool stuff we have posted and some great conversations we are having.  Check out “Be Heard: Twitter Your Life Away” post on UnifiedMilwaukee to learn more.  One downside of twitter, their is a lot of clutter. If you want to find out what is going on with Milwaukee, it can be challenging until now.  Chirpcity aims to organize tweets by city.  If you go to the main page of Chirpcity, you notice that Milwaukee is one of the top twitter cities (Miltown representing).  Give it a try and visit Chirpcity | Milwaukee.

Site of the Day:


It has not even been a month since President Obama took office, and he as passed one of largest stimulus package in the history of America yesterday. The package is called The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and it almost costs a trillion dollars that will be ditributed to different programs, states, and agencies to help get the economy going.  However, after the last bailout of Wall Street, citizens are skeptical of where there money is going since it seems like Wall Street was using it for bonuses and not for loans to the people.  People would like to have more transparency of their money especiallly when it is use for bailouts, and government programs. 

Well President Obama wants accountability and transparency of the bill he passed as well so his administration created the site is a website that lets you, the taxpayer, figure out where the money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is going. There are going to be a few different ways to search for information. The money is being distributed by Federal agencies, and soon you’ll be able to see where it’s going — to which states, to which congressional districts, even to which Federal contractors. As soon as we are able to, we’ll display that information visually in maps, charts, and graphics.

Besides tracking your money, you can even tell your story on how the recovery act is or isn’t helping you.

Check it out.  I think every American should check this at least weekly and hold our government accountable.  This I think is a positive step in builiding trust with our Government.  Your thoughts?

Site Of The Day: Obameter


It has been only a few days since President Obama started his new job, and just like any job the boss (in this case the American people) needs to have accountability from their new employee.  This is where this site of the day comes in.  It is called the Obameter and it tracks all of the campaign promises of Obama. I wonder what the  Bushmeter looked like after 8 years. The Obameter was created by the site PolitiFact.

PolitiFact has compiled about 500 promises that Barack Obama made during the campaign and is tracking their progress on our Obameter. We rate their status as No Action, In the Works or Stalled. Once we find action is completed, we rate them Promise Kept, Compromise or Promise Broken.

By the initial look of it, Obama is off to a good start.