The Stranger Does His Homework

This week on 7 O Clock sample, we are going to continue to explore the music of DAFT PUNK!

In 1997 the Daft Punk duo released HOMEWORK. A great album with some great samples…
Take a listen to this track and see if you can tell where the sample comes from. ( and don’t cheat by looking at the next video below… )

Well if you guesses it… GOOD FOR YOU! If not, check it out..

That’s right, Billy Joel’s hit Just The Way You Are. Never saw this one coming…


Daft Punk’s Ballad O The Times

( I gotta lay off these cheesy mash up titles )
Jordan back with ya… It’s Tuesday so we’ve got another 7 o clock sample coming your way. This week I decided to explore the music of Daft Punk. They are without a doubt one of my favorite electronic duos. For over a decade these guys have been releasing some of the most popular dance hits.
In their 2001 release DISCOVERY, the fellas had a funky break inspired jam called SHORT CIRCUIT.

Take a listen to the break at 1:40….

This breakdown is brought to us by Mr. Funky himself, PRINCE.

Milwaukee’s The Glamour Cover Daft Punk

The Milwaukee duo known as The Glamour have  been busy as of late. They have a release coming out on the label Cheap Thrills, and a video on the way for their first single called “Love Burn”. The EP is out now over at Beatport. They even did  a cover of Daft Punk’s classic “Robot Rock”. Check it out for yourself. You can catch Diamonds The Glamour live at the Riverhorse at “Fresh 2 Death” on February 6th at 10pm.

The Glamour – “Robot Rock”

Sound Travels Sunday… L’Autre Francais


Sound Travels Sunday L’Autre France Mix


Got your Sunday styles here, Sound Travels wraps a week-long adventure to and through French speaking countries. And with that statement, the entire world really, is open to the mix, French is spoken on every continent and though it comes in second everywhere but France, it is a language that finds expression in music in a huge number of places. If you made it to Bastille Days, then you know that already. The Sunday Session sought to show you exactly how big that world is, with cuts in several styles from many lands, but all with that French Conection. This is what I played…


1. Don Cavalli “Summertime”

Don Cavalli hails from France, but you’d never know it listening to his album Cryland. The postmodern folk release captures the spirit of Americana with as much precision as a long-faced man in a Nashville bar, and Continue reading

Sound Travels Wednesday…The French Connection


Sound Travels Wednesday Francophonic  Mix


Getting ready for Bastille Days here on Sound Travels this week. The annual homage to French culture is taking place at Cathedral Square Park Thursday through Sunday, and with Sound Travels being what it is– you must have seen the set-up coming. And with a name like Doucette, how could I not have some gems for you today?

Of course, I do indeed have a few… and considering the fact that French is spoken the world over, it’s not hard to give you a wide range of examples; from hip hop to rock, soul to electro– there is no shortage of styles on that front. In fact, if you are craving the sounds you’ve been hearing here on Sound Travels, I’ll be taking it to the streets at Bastille Days; first, with The Architect on Thursday and with Jordan and Scott Mullins on Friday. Both days, you can catch 88Nine in front of My-Keys on Jefferson right in the thick of the action. DJ’s start at 6pm and I know I speak for us all here in hoping we see you down there, don’t forget to say hi.


1. AIR “Ce Matin La”
2. Barbara Carlotti ” Anaïs”
3. Daft Punk “Something About Us”
4. Pause “Ou Tu Vas?”
5. Leeroy “Bounce Le Floor”
6. Marina Celeste “Le Choix Des Armes”
7. MC Solaar “La Vie Est Belle”
8. Mathieu Boogaerts “Chappe de Beton”
9. Sebastian Tellier “Fingers Of Steel”
10. Phoenix “Lisztomania”

7 o clock sample DECEMBER 4 2008!

Well the Grammy Award nominations are in… and up for best dance recording is french eletro duo DAFT PUNK!

Oooh weee… I love that jam! And here it’s it’s sample. From 1973 it’s Edwin Birdsong with

If you’ve got an idea for a 7 o clock sample, email me at


You Go Girl!

Working late. So I need a pick up. Whenever I am having a bad day, I must remind myself to check this video out.

The girl in the video as more of those groovy dance videos.

Here is another one to cheer you up….