Synthetic Substitution; A Pretty Break

This week we are paying our respects to the late great Melvin Bliss, and his classic track SYNTHETIC SUBSTITUTION…

This track has been sampled for decades, by some of the best of the best in Hip Hop.  Check out Tuesday’s post for a more comprehensive list.  I’d be foolish to not give credit for the massive amounts of sampling this track has seen, to the tracks drummer.

Bernard “pretty” Purdie was the session drummer on this classic soul jam and his resume is nothing short of AMAZING!

Here as a short list of some of the albums he has appeared on.. James Brown – Cold Sweat (1967, King Curtis and his Kingpins – Instant Soul (1967), James Brown – Say It Loud-I’m Black & I’m Proud (1969), Aretha Franklin – Young, Gifted and Black (1972), BB King – Completely Well (1970), Robert Palmer’s Insect Trust – Hoboken Saturday Night (1970), Herbie Mann – Push, Push (1971), Miles Davis – Get Up with It (1972), BB King – Guess Who (1973), Cat Stevens – Foreigner (1973), Hall & Oates – Abandoned Luncheonette (1973), Jimmy McGriff – Come Together (1974), Joe Cocker – I Can Stand a Little Rain (1974), Cornell Dupree – Teasin’ (1975), Steely Dan – The Royal Scam (1976)… whoooo.

Bernard Purdie is one of popular music’s un-sung heroes. ( Don’t be surprised if I do a Bernard Purdie week very soon here. )

This break has continued to be sampled in the recent past, here are a few of my favorites…


Superman Break

This week on the 7 o’clock sample, we have been exploring movie and TV theme music…

There is a laundry list of TV themes that have been sampled by Rap and Electronic acts.  Some of my favorites include the Knight Rider Theme, Inspector Gadget, Theme From BattleStar Galatica, and even the Fat Albert Theme.  But it’s not that often that A TV show’s theme song has a sample in it.  However, I found an exception to that!

Do ya Ever watch SCRUBS?

Well that funky drum break is one of the most sampled drum breaks in soul music…

The Honey Drippers “Impeach The President” Break…


Oh Amerie!

This week’s Seven O Clock Sample continues or exploration of the Meters…

( great pic huh?)

This particular sample was a surprise to me.  I remember when this track came out, I had NO idea the funky drum break was a Meters sample…

That’s a hot track!  It was produced by Rich Harrison, and Rich must have had a copy of Look Ka Py Py in his studio, because that funky drum break and hit comes from OH CALCUTTA by the Meters.

The Meters – Oh Calcutta!

Check out the BREAK at 1:45

Clap Yo’ Hands

This week on the Seven O Clock sample, we are exploring the music of THE METERS!

There are VERY few gentlemen in this world as funky as Art, George, Joe, and Leo.  These four men are responsible for an entire sub-genre of American R&B music.  Their catalog spans 4 decades of Funky music.  They’ve played with the best of the best, from Allen Toussaint, Lee Dorsey and Dr John.

Today’s sampler, A TRIBE CALLED QUEST.  Ali Shaheed grabbed up some super funk to scratch the hook on this Tribe classic…

That funky hook comes from the Meter’s 1970 release STRUTTIN’

The Meters – Hand Clapping Song

A Crusade for Beats.

Today’s Seven O Clock sample is going to go in sample the Hall Of Fame.  It’s a great original and a great rework.

This week we are exploring the sounds of the Chemical Brothers…

Tom and Ed are not afraid to grab a funky loop to sample, and in today’s example, they rework the sample in one of those ways that makes the case for sampling as an art form…

Check out their hit “Block Rockin Beats” and carefully listen to that opening bassline…

There is no doubt that’s a funky bass lick, but where did it come from?

In 1971, the “Jazz Crusaders” shortened their name to “The Crusaders” , and adopted a jazz-funk style, which really ushered in the genre which came to be known as “jazz fusion”. They also incorporated the electric bass and electric guitar into their music.  The electric bass of Bass guitarist Robert “Pops” Popwell was featured on the group’s 1974 release SOUTHERN COMFORT, which featured this super funky track…

Crusaders – The Well’s Gone Dry

Chemical Funk

This week on the Seven O’Clock Sample, we are exploring the music of the CHEMICAL BROTHERS!

Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons began creating music together in the early 1990s.  As DJs, they were drawn to the multilayered sample styles of American Hip Hop and when they found themselves running out of tracks to spin, they began to create their own.

In 1995, they released their debut full length album on Junior Boys Own.  The album’s title was the testament to their name change from Dust Brothers ( a name they borrowed from the west coast production team behind the Beastie Boys ) to the CHEMICAL BROTHERS.

Here is the WHITE LABEL version, pre-release….

There is no doubt that the Brothers have got some funk, and on this track they sampled some funk from one of the FUNKIEST organ players to bless the 88 keys… Mr. Jimmy McGriff!

From the Album THE WORM… here is Jimmy McGriff

Don’t Sleep On | The Soulphonics and Ruby Velle

You know what happens when you stay up all night looking for new music?  You discover something really special, and that special is Atlanta’s Soulphonics and Ruby Velle. While I was writing the previous post on The Constellations, I saw this intriguing name of The Soulphonics and Ruby Velle on the list of people The Constellations follows on twitter (told you I’m a music geek). Don’t ask me why I stopped to check them out, I just did.  Tell you what, I’m very glad I did stop and checked them out. What I heard was something fantastic, and soulful.  Let’s put it this way: they put the ‘fun’ back in funk.

The Soulphonics and Ruby Velle have been around the Atlanta music scene since early 2008, and recently have played with fellow Atliens, The Constellations.  The singer name is Ruby Velle and she is backed by a solid lineup, including a three piece horn section (trumpet, baritone sax, tenor sax) and rhythm section (B3 organ, electric guitar, bass and drums). They will be dropping their single “Feet On The Ground” on February 23rd on Element Records. You can check out the song below in their mp3 player (the other song is pretty damn good too). If you are going to be in Atlanta on March 6th, you can catch them playing along with legend Lee Fields at The Earl (great venue by the way).  I would love for them to play show with Milwaukee’s Kings Go Forth (promoters/bookers make it happen)!

Vodpod videos no longer available.