Grandmaster Flash and the Spectacular Samples

This week on 7 o clock sample, we are looking at hip hop pioneers GRANDMASTER FLASH and the FURIOUS FIVE.

In the late 1970s, the idea of recording Rap music was an odd concept.  Hip Hop culture developed from the “have-nots” of our society, so the high price of recording a track, was not an option.  Even when rap labels and managers came on the scene, the process of recording Hip Hop was not the same as the performance.

Take Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five for example.  Melle Mel, Kidd Creole, Cowboy, Mr. Ness/Scorpio, and Rahiem were the hype men for the DJ.  They acted as the link between the record the Flash was playing, and the dancers on the floor.  As the fellas began to develop “raps” over certain breaks, the Hip Hop SONGS were born.  These songs would be different every time you would see them performed, and often, they were not perfect.  A record could skip, or the loop may not completely come together, changing the dynamic of the song.

When SUGAR HILL RECORDS signed GMF and the FF, they were in the practice of recording Hip Hop tracks with live studio bands.   The early Hip Hop hits of the late 70s and early 80s were mostly recreated samples, played by studio musicians.

So while today’s example may not be a true SAMPLE, it stemmed from the records that Grandmaster Flash was sampling in the live shows.

Here is the original record that Flash would loop for at the break….

Funk jam!

Here is how the Sugar Hill band and the Furious Five recorded the track…


Samples Get No Enemy

Today’s 7 o’clock sample pays tribute to the late great FELA KUTI!

Fela’s legacy continues to inspire younger and younger generations. The themes explored in his music continue to strike a chord in today’s modern times. His life has been recently brought to broadway by Jay-Z and Will & Jada Smith in the show FELA!

This morning we took a look at one of my favorite Fela songs, from his album EXPENSIVE SHIT.

You’ve gotta spend a little time with this song to find the sample, but about half way through, I heard this keyboard part, and said to myself…. “I’ve heard that somewhere!”
This is where…

This is from INI’s 1995 project with Pete Rock called CENTER OF ATTENTION.
Great album, great samples, what else could you ask for?

Take Me To The Crates

This week on the Seven O Clock sample, we are looking back at the musical legacy of RUN DMC.

No one in their right mind would deny the influence that Run DMC has had on American popular music.  They were the first to do so many things for rap music.

I had a request last week for this RUN DMC Sample…

Which is obviously, a sample of this Monkees track…

This got me going on Run DMC samples, so I though that I’d explore a few more of my favorite RUN DMC songs.

Remember this one?

That’s another great rock and roll sample from The Knack…

My personal favorite RUN DMC track is Peter Piper!

This sample comes from one of the most sampled jazz-funk artists of all time… Mr Bob James.

That Young MC is one bad mother… SHUT YO MOUTH!

Our theme on 7 o’clock sample this week, is TV and MOVIE Theme music!

( mixing it up on the ONEs and TWOs )

There are a lot of great TV and Movie themes that have been sampled; JAWS, Knight Rider, Fat Albert Theme, even Inspector Gadget has been run through a drum machine.

This morning I wanted to go back to one of my personal favorite movie themes.

(this video is WAY too good, for me to post any other version! )

In case you DID NOT know, that was the theme to the Movie SHAFT.

If you have NOT seen Shaft, I highly suggest you run out to your local DVD retailer, and buy a copy today!

I’m not the only DJ/Producer in love with this track, it’s been sampled by a few, but  I have to say that this version is my favorite…

From his Award winning 1988 release STONE COLD RHYMIN’ it’s non-other than YOUNG MC!


I Know You Got Samples

This week’s 7’oclock sample theme is SAMPLE WITH SOUL! And few brothers have as much soul as Mr. BOBBY BYRD…

Bobby is the man who discovered James Brown.  Byrd and Brown met in a Georgia youth detention facility, where Brown was an inmate. Byrd’s local baseball team played the prison team of which Brown was a member. It was Bobby Byrd’s family that sponsored his release and took him in.  Bobby brought James into the soul scene through the FAMOUS FLAMES, which eventually became known as James Brown and the Famous Flames.

Bobby continues to work with James through the 50s, 60s and 70s.  Byrd’s leadership with the Flames and then the J.B.s, acted as the backbone to those funky legs and arms of Mr. Dynamite.

Bobby has released some great records with and without James.  Including this 1971 hit…

That’s a funky jam!  And I’m not the only one who thinks so!  This song has been sampled by a whos-who of Hip Hop acts.  Public Enemy, Ice Cube, King Tee, Everlast and Eric B and Rakim have all sampled this track.  Of all of them, the one that stands out most for me, is the Eric B and Rakim song of the same name….


True Skool 5th Annual Block Party and B-Boy Jam

This morning, I was honored to have Romke de Haan of the True Skool Organization in for a discussion about the 5th Annual TRUE SKOOL Block Party.

This weekend, the True Skool organization is rasing awareness of the hard work and sweat they are investing into Milwaukee’s 5th Ward Neighborhood.  True Skool’s adopt a community program kicks off this weekend, as students and community members team up to clean up the Walker’s Point neighborhood.

Adopt A Community Program provides neighborhood restoration and community transformation by adopting a community from July-September. Expected outcomes are to beautify the community, create new green space and safer pedestrian walkways, determine if public art will successfully deter illegal graffiti and vandalism and to provide productive community service opportunities to ex-offenders and volunteers to give back to the community.

Last summer, the students adopted the Cesar E. Chavez neighborhood.

They picked up trash…

They removed illegal graffiti…

And they left the neighborhood in better shape then they found it, by beautifying a graffiti covered wall, with a culturally rich and striking mural.

This Saturday the kids are cleaning up the Walker’s Point area from 10am -12 noon. They are  recruiting volunteers for our Adopt a Community Kick-Off event and community clean-up on Saturday July 17th from 10:00am-12noon, then stay for TRUE Skool’s 5th Annual Block Party:The Cyphers event from 12noon-9:00pm.

The event will feature…

LIVE GRAFFITI ART EXHIBITION: Check out local artists painting live from 12-8pm

ENTERTAINMENT: Some of Milwaukee’s best Hip Hop acts will grace the stage including; Prophetic, Rusty Ps, House Of M, Taste Emcees, and many more.  Rhymesayers Record’s TOKI WRIGHT will headline the main stage at 8pm.

COMMUNITY RESOURCE FAIR – Check out what resources are available in the community!

OUTDOOR GALLERY SPACE– TRUE Skool’s artists and MIAD service learning students will display and sell artwork in this area.

REDBULL BBOY WORKSHOPSJoin Motion Disorderz Crew for breakdancing workshops at 2:00pm and 4:00pm at the RedBull Bboy Floor.

GRIME OFFICIAL SKATE PARK – Grime Official sponsored skate competitions ALL DAY!

Before all this, Milwaukee’s best B-Boys and B-Girls will be at the TRUE Skool/Motion Disorderz Crew Anniversary Bboy Battle!

Join TRUE Skool and Motion Disorderz as we celebrate 11 years of Motion Disorderz Crew!

To check out my interview with Romke, listen below!

Interview with True Skool Part ONE.

Interview Part 2.

More Information available at

Saturday Session June 19th 2010 : Kruser

Every Saturday night here on 88NINE, we invite a MKE DJ to come into the studio and give us 2 hours of his or her choice.  This helps us provide our listeners with new and unique music that you will not find anywhere else, and it help us reach out further to the Milwaukee music scene.

On Saturday June 19th,  DJ Kruser was back on the Saturday Session for his 3rd visit.

Kruser has always brought BIG sounds into the Saturday Session.  Wether it’s DRUM and BASS, DUB STEP or Hip Hop, Kruser’s mixes are always high energy and loaded with deep bass.

Kruser spoke with Jordan about his new take on life and DJing, as well as his love for Milwaukee’s DJ scene.

Listen to Kruser’s entire show… HERE!