Event + Interview| Sound Opinions Live: Friday, February 19th at the Pabst Theater

Calling all music lovers. This Friday, February 18th at The Pabst Theater, Sound Opinions, the world’s only Rock n’ Roll talk show will be live on the Pabst Stage. Hosts Jim & Greg will do special editions of music news, buy-it, burn-it, trash-it, desert island jukebox, live Q&A, plus the guys show and discuss some of the greatest rock & roll films of all time! Show begins at 8pm.  In the meantime, check out Scott’s interview with the hosts of Sound Opinions. Don’t forget you can catch Sound Opinions on 88Nine RadioMilwaukee every Sunday at 6pm.

Sound Opinions Interview (download)


Interview | John Forte

This past Valentine’s Day, singer, songwriter, rapper and producer John Forte performed at Shank Hall. John Forte was member of the legendary Fugees, and is a Grammy award winner.  I got to chance to sit down with Forte a before his show. We talked about many things including his reaction to George W. Bush’s pardon over a year ago to his forthcoming album, “Water, Light, Sound”, which was inspired by Bon Iver.  We also talked about his cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up The Hill”.  Listen to the whole interview uncut and un-edited.  John Forte will be on tour with Wale,  and K’Naan.

John Forte Interview Part 1 (download)

John Forte Interview Part 2 (download)

Tour with K’Naan and Wale Schedule

Mar. 31: New York City (The Fillmore at Irving Plaza)
Apr. 1: Boston (House of Blues)
Apr. 2: New Haven, Conn. (Toad’s Place)
Apr. 3: Baltimore (Ram’s Head Live)
Apr. 4: Washington D.C. (9:30 Club)
Apr. 6: Philadelphia (Trocadero)
Apr. 8: Atlanta (Center Stage)
Apr. 13: Cleveland (House of Blues)
Apr. 14: Columbus, Ohio (Newport Music Hall)

Interview | BuyaBeerCompany.com: Crowdsource to buy Pabst Brewing Company

Did you know that one of America’s last major brewing company is up for sale? Pabst Brewing Company, a Milwaukee legend and institution, is up for sale to a tune of $300 million. This not only includes the brand PBR but  over 25 other brands such as Colt 45, Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, Lone Star, Olympia Genuine Draft, Piels, Schaefer, Schmidt, and Stroh’s. As you know, all major beer comapanies are owned by foreign companies except  Pabst Brewing Company, which is own by Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation. The fact that Pabst Brewing Company is owned by a non-profit is part of the reason for the sale.

The sale effort is apparently the result of a deadline imposed by the Internal Revenue Service. Federal tax laws don’t allow charitable foundations to own for-profit companies.
Tom Daykin of the Journal Sentinel

So this is where BuyABeeerCompany.com comes in to play. Initially started as joke, the site wants to crowsdsource the purchase of the Pabst Brewing Company, which is the third-largest beer company in the US. Crowdsourcing is taking tasks that are normally done by a corporation, or an institution and outsourcing those tasks to the public, a community or a group of people like buy a beer company. Hollywood-based Forza Migliozzi and New York’s The Ad Store (Apple’s ad company)  are the folks behind this ambitious concept of community ownership of a corporation.

The concept is simple. One would go to the website and pledge a certain amount. You don’t actually give money until they reach their goal of $300 million.  If the sale goes through, you will receive stock, beer worth the amount you pledged and a certificate suitable for framing. The site has different pledge level to choose from:

Bottle Membership: $5.00
Six Pack Membership: $25.00
Case Membership: $100.00
The BrewMeister:

At the $250,000 brewmeister  level, one would receive lots of beer and an elevated level of influence in the managing of the company.

BuyABeerCompany.com is now close to reaching $40 million in pledges.  I got a chance to interview Michael Migliozzi, managing partner of Forza Migliozzi and discuss this a first of its kind endeavor.  Take a listen:

Interview with Michael Migliozzi (BuyABeerCompany.com & Forza Migliozzi)

A really interesting thing that this venture wants to do is to brew the beers locally again for each of the individual brands including PBR. That could mean jobs for Milwaukee if this all goes through as planned.

“If we can’t do beer in this country, we can’t do anything” – Mike Migliozzi

A Big thanks to 88Nine RadioMilwaukee intern Simen for editing the interview.

Toshi Reagon Interview

Milwaukee, you don’t know how good you got it; big city attractions and a small town vibe. Small enough to get around easy but big enough to be difficult to ignore, let alone count out. Advantages that are somehow easy to forget when from toshi-reagontime to time special performers seem to skip a stop in our fair burgh for the gaudy Chicago skyline or even eschewing us in favor of the charm of Madison. 88Nine is committed to ending travesties like this, and judging from Alverno College’s Alverno Presents series, they are too.

Gotta hand it to the directors over there at Alverno Pesents, the season of darkness looks very bright due to their diligence at bringing a wide variety of worldly, unique artists to Milwaukee for what is becoming more and more common– very special concerts in a city used to get skipped over on the regular.

This weekend presents another opportunity for Milwaukee to see a performer of very special quality. Toshi Reagon and her band BIGLovely, who are on a short tour of the Midwest and will be in Milwaukee on Saturday night at Alverno’s Pittman Theater(8pm). I recently had a moment to chat with Toshi,


Summerfest Journal: Interview, Malik Yusef

Malik Yusef

As some of you know Lupe Fiasco is performing tonight at the Miller Oasis Stage at 10pm at Summerfest.  However, at 8pm a multi-talented artist also from Chicago is performing.  His name is Malik Yusef.  He is a spoken word artist, MC, and actor.   He has been featured on Def Poetry Jam and played a role in the movie Love Jones.

Malik was raised in Chicago’s South Side neighborhood known as the “Wild 100’s” and is a former member of the widespread Islamic street gang The Blackstone Rangers. In his youth he became friendly with rapper Common Sense who was a member of the Four Corner Hustlers organization at the time. He was self-diagnosed with Dyslexia as a teenager but overcame his learning disability and word-impairment, earning himself a place among the urban intelligentsia. He has evolved over the years from a street hustler into a street poet. His name translates to “ruler” in Arabic.

I got a chance to talk to Malik before his show tonight at Summerfest about his new album on Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D. Music, about his turbulent past, his spoken word and more.  Check out and download the full un-edited interview with Malik Yusef and check out his latest song Magic Man featuring Kanye West and Common which is about domestic abuse.

Malik Yusef Interview (download)

Malik Yusef – “Magic Man featuring Kanye West and Common”

Malik Yusef performing his spoken word piece “I Spit” on Def Poetry Jam

In Studio | Anya Marina


Yesterday, during Marcus Doucette’s show sultry singer/songwriter Anya Marina. Anya is based in San Diego and had some of her music featured in shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl. Anya also use to be radio DJ for Y107 in Los Angeles and San Diego’s 94.9FM.

It was in San Diego that Anya played her first open mic night and began to write her own songs. She quickly developed a live stage act using what she learned as an actress, comic and impressionist. Her recorded debut was a five-song EP called Exercises in Racketeering, which eventually led to a full-length album, Miss Halfway, which was released in early 2005. Anya subsequently opened for such artists as Jason Mraz and Rhett Miller. She was named one of the “Best Unsigned” acts by San Diego CityBeat.

On January 20, 2009 Anya released her second album, Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II. The album which was produced by Brian Karscig from Louis XIV and Britt Daniel from Spoon features a tightly honed collection of winking pop gems and slyly sexy rock and roll that showcases Anya’s deft melodic sensibility and wryly humorous lyrical point of view. (source: Wikipedia)

She recently has recorded a cover of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like’ and will be release sometime in July. Check out the interview and performance with Anya Marina below.

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Evolution of Hip Hop: Interview, DJ Z-Trip


Today, I got a chance to talk to the legendary DJ Z-Trip (sometimes known as the godfather of the mashup) before is show later tonight at the Miramar. We talked about how he got his name to how he got started in DJing to DJ Jazzy Jeff controversy in Kansas City a few weeks back.  He even discuss is involvement in the DJ Hero game which he is a character and his music is featured in the game.  Listen and download the entire uncut and unedited interview with DJ Z-Trip and then go download some of his remixes and mixes for free at his site.

DJ Z-Trip Interview Part 1(download)

DJ Z-Trip Interview Part 2(download)

Here is a video of DJ Z-Trip talking about the game DJ Hero.