Much More Dilla

This morning we are continuing or exploration of J Dilla samples…

In the mid and later 200os, the entire rap world was buzzing about Dilla’s beat tapes.  As many producers often do, J Dilla would give out “tapes” of his beats for Emcees to preview and hopefully, buy.  In order to avoid his beats getting snatched up with out proper licence, Dilla found a number of creative ways to blend his neats together, and tag them with the infamous “JAY DILA!” exclamation.

These “tapes” began to circulate around the Hip Hop underground, and many rap fans were getting their hands on Dilla’s DONUTS, as they came to be known in the industry.  I was among these underground rap heads who were itching to get their hands on the Dilla tapes.

I had a few, and one beat that stuck out in my head was this one…

I’m not the only one who loved this beat… A few months later I heard this track.

This is one of my favorite De La tracks from this album, and that says a lot, because this album is fantastic!

So where did Dilla get this sample from?

In 1976, L.T.D. (which stands for Love, Togetherness, and Devotion), released LOVE TO THE WORLD on A&M records.  The album contained a number of great soul jams, including this cut…

Nice huh?


Dilla is LOVE

Last week a listener asked me to explore some J Dilla beats on the SEVEN O CLOCK SAMPLE, so I said…

Ok, let’s TURN IT UP!

DIlla passed away in 2006, after a long battle with Lupus.  Many knew Jay Dee was sick, but few saw his death coming.

When he passed, the Hip Hop world came to a halt.  Folks from every corner of the globe stopped to pay tribute to the genres most influential, and under credited producer.  Still to this day, J Dilla tribute mixtapes, albums, shirts and images pop up on the regular.

In addition to his work with Slum Village and The Soulquarians, Dilla produced some of my favorite Hip Hop tracks. In 2004, he worked with fellow Solquarian COMMON, on his Kanye West produced come back album BE.  Common’s previous album Electric Circus, which also featured Dilla, was a commercial flop.  Common was ready to start again, he left MCA and released a new and fresh sounding album on Kanye’s GOOD MUSIC label.  J Dilla was the only producer, besides Kanye, to contribute a beat on this album, and I must say, it’s one of the best….

This beautiful beat can be found on one of Dillas mid 2000s beat tapes, which became known in the industry as donuts.

Here is what the beat sounded like before Common got it…

The sample that Dilla dug up for this track is a Marvin Gaye 45, that was released in 1970 on Tamla.

(listen closely at 1:19 )

MARVIN GAYE and J DILLA… A match made in heaven.

R.I.P Fellas.

Simply Beautiful | Tribute to J Dilla in Cedar Falls

For most, J Dilla is considered one of the most  influential producers of all time in hip hop and even beyond the confines of the genre. For example, take a look at the Timeless series from Mochilla.  Timeless took the works of Arthur Verocai, Mulate Astatke, and J Dilla and had an orchestra re-interpret their music.

Timeless: The Composer/Arranger Series is the name of a concert series that was created in homage to the composer/arrangers who have influenced hip-hop in the most literal and profound ways. Timeless was conceived by production house Mochilla in Los Angeles during February and March 2009 and included the performances of over 150 musicians in front of ecstatic sold out crowds. These three historic events were recorded and filmed in exacting detail with Mochilla’s unmistakable style.

That really says a lot when a hip hop producer’s work is in company with some of the world’s amazing musical composers. The musical portion of J Dilla was entitled “Suite For Ma Dukes”

Here is a taste of this interpretation  recently done by the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra as part of their tribute series to great composers. (shouts to Blind I)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Common takes the witness stand.

This week on the Seven O Clock Sample, I’ve decided to open Pandora’s box, and explore the music samples of Kanye West.
There is no doubt that Kanye has lost his mind over the past few years,

…but his production quality has remained stellar!

In 2005, Common called on Mr. West to bring the soul back for his BE album. With the exception of the late great Dilla, this album featured all of it’s production from Kanye.
This track used a particularly cool “flip” of it’s sample source…

That was a big hit for Common, it’s was a rather obscure single for it’s original performers.
In 1972, three soulful sisters by the name HONEY CONE, released their last album on Hot Wax records called Love, Peace & Soul. The record featured this track…

The Weekly Top 5 Countdown: The New Producers…Hip Hop’s New Pioneers

Well, with The 5th Anual Mil-Town Beat Down Hip Hop Olympics happening at the Wherehouse this Friday, and showcasing the hottest producers on the scene here in Milwaukee. And with Tarik Moody filling in for Scott, we thought we’d get some hip hop in the mix. Todays topic is all about the most innovative hip hop producers on the scene today. Here’s what we came up with…


Hudson Mohawke “Zoooooooom”


Bullion “Time For Us All To Love”


Amp Live “Video Tapez feat. Del The Funky Homosapien”


Flying Lotus “The Makings”


J Dilla “Workonit”

K-Os hears those Footsteps In The Dark

Many, many, many artists have sampled The Islet Brothers. So when I decided to pick my favorite Isley Brothers samples for this week’d seven o clock sample segment, this song was a no-brainer!

“Footsteps in the Dark” was released in 1977 by The Isley Brothers as an album track featured on the group’s double-platinum album, Go For Your Guns. While it may have not achieved the Billboard success many of their other hits have, it have become a Hip Hop staple since 1993, when Ice Cube sampled this track for “Today Was A Good Day”

Cube is not the only Hip Hop artists to sample this R&B classic, check out this list of others who have jumped on this track…

J Dilla “Won’t Do”

Slum Villiage “Call Me”

and of course, this morning’s sample example…

K-Os ” Heaven Only Knows REMIX”

Find A Way with Towa Tei

Today I’m presenting one of my absolute favorite samples.  I’d been looking for this sample for a very long time.

I knew what the song was, but I could not find the album, when I finally got it, I was bragging to Tarik that I had found one of my favorite samples, to which he said… ” Oh, I’ve got that album”

So what is this sample that I explored the crates to often to find? It’s my favorite J Dilla and Tribe Called Quest collaboration on all time…

This song comes from one of the greatest Hip Hop album ever made, THE LOVE MOVEMENT. This was the final installment in the Tribe Called Quest Anthology. While the fellas have all gone on to produce solo and side projects, this was the final ATCQ project.

Two years before this album was out, DJ Towa Tei from Dee Lite, put out a funky little number called “Technova” This song featured the lovely sounds of Bebel Gilberto. J Dilla picked up on the funky sounds of this song, and sampled up this track for “Find A Way”


Towa Tei sampled THIS Antonio Carlos Jobim song for Technova…