A spooky sample

This week on 7 o Clock sample I’ve decided to take a look at the music of French electronic duo… JUSTICE.

If you ran into Gaspard Augé  and Xavier de Rosnay on the subway, you may think they were in a retro metal band.  There look is not too far off from their music.  They often use progressive rock and metal samples to create their unique larger than life tracks.

Their debut album , alternatively known as Cross, released in June of 2007.  This album thrust Justice to the top of the international electronic scene.  Like Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and the like, this dynamic duo have been selling out arenas and headlining some of the biggest music festivals.

They pull from a wide variety of sample sources, including funk, disco, rock and oddly enough, horror movie sound tracks.

Check out track 5 on CROSS.

Cool sounds huh?

Well check out the sample’s source…


That’s the sounds of Italian progressive rock outfit GOBLIN.  Goblin are an Italian progressive rock band known for their soundtracks for Dario Argento films.  They had an brief and unsuccessful run  in the 70s as the Cherry Five.  They began to compose scores for horror films, and achieved a large cult following through these films.


They’re Baaaack….Justice and it is the Beginning of the End!

When you thought was safe to go back to the clubs and here the same old boring dance music, The French duo Justice, who dominated in 2008 with their album Cross, once again, they bring back their signature sound. Found about this from Stereogum. Apparently, the duo will have a new album later this year on Elektra records, which is back from the dead. 2010 is shaping out to be a good year for music.

Justice – “Beginning of the End”

Did DISCO ever really die?

This week’s marks the 30 year anniversary of the “Death Of Disco”.
By the end of the 1970s, Disco dominated the charts. Disco made up more than 40% of the charts, and the disco “industry” was making more money than professional sports, movies, or television industries at that time. In the summer of 1979, Steve Dahl had left his radio show in Detroit in protest when it adopted an all-disco play list. Dahl moved to WLUP in Chicago, and he and fellow DJ Garry Meier, tapped into a growing resentment of disco. They thought it was stupid music, so they mocked it and blew up records on air.

That summer, the radio station was approached by the White Sox, to host a promotion at Comeiskiy Park called Disco Demolition.
The promotion was simple: For a mere 98 cents listeners could bring all their unwanted disco records and watch them being blown up in a bin by Dahl and his fans.

Many described the Disco Demolition Night as “the death of disco”. Godfather of House Frankie Knuckles says that way the day disco was forced to go underground.

Growing up in the 80s, I was no stranger to the “disco sucks” phrase. In fact for the majority of my adolescence , I was under the impression that all “disco” was Saturday Night Fever-ish cheesy Bee Gees crap. It was not until I began to DJ in the late 90s that I discovered the beautiful side of this nationally hated music genre. Disco was, at it’s beginning, the natural evolution of Funk and Soul. I do agree that a lot of disco was cheesy pop, but much of it was great dance funk.

I’ve found a new love for disco as I dig through records, talk with fellow DJs and explore the evolution of American R&B and Soul. Many of my record “nerd” friends, love finding a rare european Disco 45rpm, andI’ve had a lot of great discussions with fellow producers like Asher of THE GLAMOUR, and Sage from CODEBREAKER about the awesome sounds that were introduced to pop and dance music through disco.

I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite “Future of Disco” picks.

Remember DISCO is NOT a dirty word!

MSTRKRFT and Justice together!!!!
I lve ths trck !

Video: Kid Cudi, “Day N Nite”

After issues with the first video for the Crookers’ remix of “Day N Nite”, it looks like Cleveland rapper Kid Cudi hit a sweet spot with this So Me (Director, Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. video) directed video. It makes the city of Angels even more surreal which I didn’t think it was possible.  A definite contender for video of the year.  I am still not sick of this song.

Breaking News: Lupe Fiasco to get Justice

Justice to Remix Lupe Fiasco\'s The Cool

I got some interesting news. Apparently, Lupe Fiasco is going to get the french duo Justice (who are best know for the song D.A.N.C.E.) to remix his latest album “The Cool”.

Lupe Fiasco recently caught up with our very own News Presenter Rickie when he hit London and was overflowing with enthusiasm about his latest projects.

Alongside a “ridiculous” remix of his new single ‘Paris, Tokyo’, Lupe also told Rickie that a certain French electronic duo are remixing his new album: “I’m remixing the album with Justice, I’m gonna shout out to Justice”.

Justice have had massive club hits with D.A.N.C.E and more recently DVNO.

That wasn’t the only surprise The Coolest rapper dropped, he told Rickie that he’s a massive UK music fan.

Lupe’s latest album The Cool features British artist Unkle: “I worked with Unkle on a song called Hello, Goodbye and (they) introduced me to a lot of UK artists”. – MTV UK

Hip Hop is evolving and I think it is a great thing for Hip Hop. I know some Hip hop purists might not think this hip hop (see DJ Rock Dee’s post of a video interview of KRS-ONE). First off, Hip Hop is not a pure form of music it is a hybrid. Hip Hop does not have a certain sound but a spirit and an expression of honesty. If what Lupe is doing is not Hip Hop, neither is Afrika Bambaataa.

There is a cool song of Busy P (owner of Justice’s record label Ed Banger) and Murs(caution the song is very dirty, so don’t click on the link if you offended by dirty language).

Check out this video clip of DC rapper Wale rapping over Justice’s D.A.N.C.E.

Don’t Sleep On: Wale


Here is another artist in my series, “Don’t Sleep On”. His name is Wale and he is a rapper from my old stomping grounds of Washington D.C. I been playing his music on the Rhythm Lab for a while now. I think he is one of the freshest sounding MCs to come out in a long time. He also incorporates the sound of Go-Go into his music.

From Wikipedia:

Go-go is a subgenre of funk which originated in the Washington, D.C. area during the mid- to late-1970s. A handful of bands contributed to the early evolution of the genre, but singer/guitarist Chuck Brown is credited with having developed most of the hallmarks of the style.

He has just appeared on the cover of the latest issue of Urb Magazine along side the French Duo Justice. He is currently working with super producer Mark Ronson (producer behind Amy Winehouse, and Lily Allen). He even opened up this past year’s MTV Video Music Awards. He also has mixtape called 100 Miles and Running available as a free download. I see big things for Wale in 2008. Also check out this article in the Washington Post on Wale.

P.S.: Also check out Tabi Bonney. He is another great DC rapper with a style all of  his own.

Wale featuring Tawiah – All I Need (produced by Mark Ronson) Tawiah will be another Don’t Sleep On artist in the mean check this out.

Wale – Breakdown

Wale – Nike Boots

Budos Band – Chicago Falcon Remix feat. Wale (produce by Eli and Ronson)