Saturday Session June 19th 2010 : Kruser

Every Saturday night here on 88NINE, we invite a MKE DJ to come into the studio and give us 2 hours of his or her choice.  This helps us provide our listeners with new and unique music that you will not find anywhere else, and it help us reach out further to the Milwaukee music scene.

On Saturday June 19th,  DJ Kruser was back on the Saturday Session for his 3rd visit.

Kruser has always brought BIG sounds into the Saturday Session.  Wether it’s DRUM and BASS, DUB STEP or Hip Hop, Kruser’s mixes are always high energy and loaded with deep bass.

Kruser spoke with Jordan about his new take on life and DJing, as well as his love for Milwaukee’s DJ scene.

Listen to Kruser’s entire show… HERE!



Jordan here!

Today I was pleased to check into one of my favorite music sites on the web… RCRDLBL.COM and I discovered that two of my personal favorite artists were available for download…TOGETHER!

Chali 2na has been in heavy rotation for me since 1998.  I discovered J-5 and Ozomatli in my senior year, and I never stopped being a fan!

About 2 years ago, I began to pick up on the Dub Step scene.  My good buddy Kruser gets a of of the credit, but Marcus and Kid Cut Up get a lot of props too.  This new style “flipped my wig”.  It was the perfect marriage of Hip Hop, Brum and Bass and Electronic styles I loved.  My favorite sound designer in the Dub Step, the funky Mr. RUSKO.

Today I discovered this track, and I had to share with all of you!!!!

CHALI 2NA – “Gadget Go Go” ( produced by Rusko )

Download from RCRDLBL here….