Help Pezzettino Build an Album

Here at 88NINE we always encourage you to get involved with the community you are part of.  Whether it’s volunteering your time with a local non-profit, helping to spread the word about good things going on in your neighborhood, and sometimes; making a financial contribution to support what is near and dear to you.

Last night we received an email from LMNtylst about his new project with Pezzettino called LUBDUB.

We’ve heard a few tracks from this new project, but are all anxiously awaiting it’s release.  The email from LMNtylst explained exactly why we are waiting…

This dynamic duo have decided to go INDIE on this release of this album, but they still need the financial backing to bring the physical product to the market.  So they are asking YOU to help.

Pezzettino and LMNtylst have set up a KICKSTARTER project to raise the $1,000 they need to press up their new album.

Here is Ms. P with more…

Sounds pretty great huh?

Well this is your chance to support the musician you know and love. you hear Pezzetinno and LMNtylst on Radio Milwaukee every week, if you love their music… Support it!

Click the link below and keep MKE music alive and well.


Grace Weber – In Studio

She has the voice of an angel with power and soul  bringing her charismatic tone to her  new EP, Sparrows.  Grace Weber, Wauwatosa native, in the 88Nine Studio with Scott Mullins.  A treat for your ears and a lovely soundtrack for the bloom of Spring.

She has sang on the Oprah Show and is continuing the pursuit of her musical dreams.  Weber performed Friday night at Turner Hall Ballroom with opening act, fellow musician, former classmate, and friend, Jeanna Salzer for a magical show.

Keep her name near; expect to hear more of the Grace Weber Band on her home front as well as throughout the world.

Grace Weber on 88Nine.

OKAYPLAYER review’s MKE’s Lab Partners

Justin Deremo of has given a review of Milwaukee’s newest super-groups THE LAB PARTNERS Cd, and may I just say… I AGREE with you Justin.

…(the album) aids the accessibility that the tracks are mostly structured as hip-hop songs and interludes, with the vocal half of the Lab Partners, Phantom Channel, providing a melodic flow at times reminiscent of André Benjamin.


He give ths CD an 89 out of 100, a soild B+ for Milwaukee’s LMNTlyst and Phantom Channel.

Click to read the full review.

Way to go guys!

3rd Annual MKE Music Awards Party

It’s that time of year again, MILWAUKEE MUSIC AWARDS time! This year mark the 3rd annual Radio Milwaukee MKE Music Awards.

We pride ourselves on featuring Milwaukee Music every hour, everyday here on 88NINE. This time of year, we like to look back at the previous year and pay tribute to some of our favorite Milwaukee releases, performances, sinlges and albums. We also invite you to honor your favorites as well.

You can vote NOW in the 3rd annual Milwaukee Music Awards, RIGHT HERE, on our website.

After the votes are counted and the plaques are awarded, WE PARTY!

This year’s party kicks off with a Meet and Greet with Milwaukee music industry at 6pm. This is an opportunity for Milwaukee bands, musicians and artists to network with Milwaukee booking agents, deejays, recording engineers, and other music industry professionals. Bring your CDs, your business cards and prepare to network. Be sure to bring a few extra copies for the Radio Milwaukee staff too!

Then the music and party kicks off at 8pm. Performing bands include Jeanna Salzer Trio,

The Sub Continentals,


Reckless Hearts,


The Championship.

Plus catch DJs Blackmix, Lukewarm, and E.Rich spinning in the front room to keep you jamming all night long.

This party is a fundraiser event for 88Nine RadioMilwaukee, so 100% of the proceeds go to support your favorite independent radio station!

We hope to see you at Whiskey Bar, Thursday February 25th!

414 Music Preview | I’m Not a Pilot

Coming to the Radio Milwaukee studio this Friday at 5:30 is the freshly formed piano pop group, I’m Not a Pilot. Combining elements of indie rock, Classical and pop music, I’m Not a Pilot will be playing at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn February 12th at 9:30. Their recently released self-titled EP is available here .

Also, if you missed last week’s 414 Music be sure to follow this link to hear Chris DeMay of Juniper Tar perform some songs and talk about his new solo record, “Bigger than Small.”

Chris DeMay on 414 Music

Video | Milwaukee’s The New Loud, “Don’t Dance”

The New Loud

While reading the music section over at our peeps at, I can across this interview with Milwaukee band The New Loud.  The band has been around for awhile, but away from the scene until now. The band has very fun and exciting sound blending elements of new wave, punk, and electro. The y will be releasing an EP called “Can’t Stop Now Knowing” in February and full length a few weeks later.  The New Loud is a trio featuring Shane Olivo, Jessi Nakles and Radish Beat (aka Tim Frank). They will be also releasing a 12″ featuring the track “Heaven”, which will also have a remix by legendary dub master Mad Professor! I’m really looking forward to this EP.

Last night, The New Loud rocked and after set party for Yo La Tengo with Chicago’s Hood Internet in Madison. You can catch in Milwaukee on February 6th at The Cactus Club for their EP release, and then for a 12″ release party for the Mad Professor remix  of Heaven on March 26th at Club Garibaldi. In the meantime, check out this fun video for their latest single “Don’t Dance”. The video is director by Milwaukee’s Jack Packard of Funny or Die.

New video from SONA

This morning I saw that Milwaukee Rapper SONA, had posted a new video for his single ” It’s All About Money”. I watched the video and was honestly surprised…

After watching the video, I was questioning my original intake of this track. I brought this song to air a few weeks back, and when I first heard this track I was inspired by the blunt honesty of the impact on money in Hip Hop and American culture. I heard lyrics of how individuals are inspired to do the things they do, just to get some money. It seemed to me a song that was ” keeping it real”.
I was excited to see the video, and then was disapointed by how stereo-typical it was. I guess the idea of waking in a hotel bed full of women would be most hetero-sexual man’s delight; and who doesn’t want a black duffle bag full of cash! But I found the video made me rethink what this song is actually about. Is SONA trying to champion the dollar and it’s worth? As a strong beliver in the the idea that money is the root of all evil, I was shocked by how predictable this video was. It’s a BET music video dream, complete with scantly clad “hoes”, bottles in the VIP and they even “make it rain”. ( For those who don’t know this ridiculous rap phrase; “make it rain” means to throw dollars everywhere in a bar or strip club )
I’m not posting this to diss SONA, I love that dude. He’s a positive person who does a lot for Milwaukee hip hop, and his story of life and music is unlike any I’ve ever heard. I just hope I don’t cause any feathers to be ruffled, I only post this out of my love for Milwaukee , for Hip Hop and for our culture. We just don’t need any more of this in rap, it’s just my opinion.

A message to SONA:
Dude, please give me the a capella to this track! I’d love to do a remix of the track and video in my mind’s eye. If you don’t like it, I’ll respect that, but at least I tried!
With love,
Jordan ( your favorite hippie rap fan )

You know i have been dying to talk explain the concept of this video… but Jordan the ideas are more deeper than your interpretation. I am a strong Believer too of “Money is the Root of all Evil” which is the reason i made the song. Also i wrote the ideas for the Video. Here’s the deal, the video is portraying how Money causes this guy “People In Real Life” to Back Stab each (End of the Video). Money gives the idea of having everything (Women if he wishes) Vip treatement which a regular person does… and it was to this that the song was written… How we treat people with money differently from those who don’t have it… Simple… It’s not a glorification of makin it rain or a grand ‘valore’. U should know my music by now to know this. The story line shows straight betrayal because of Money

SONA-The Voice AKA The Oracle