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It has not even been a month since President Obama took office, and he as passed one of largest stimulus package in the history of America yesterday. The package is called The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and it almost costs a trillion dollars that will be ditributed to different programs, states, and agencies to help get the economy going.  However, after the last bailout of Wall Street, citizens are skeptical of where there money is going since it seems like Wall Street was using it for bonuses and not for loans to the people.  People would like to have more transparency of their money especiallly when it is use for bailouts, and government programs. 

Well President Obama wants accountability and transparency of the bill he passed as well so his administration created the site is a website that lets you, the taxpayer, figure out where the money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is going. There are going to be a few different ways to search for information. The money is being distributed by Federal agencies, and soon you’ll be able to see where it’s going — to which states, to which congressional districts, even to which Federal contractors. As soon as we are able to, we’ll display that information visually in maps, charts, and graphics.

Besides tracking your money, you can even tell your story on how the recovery act is or isn’t helping you.

Check it out.  I think every American should check this at least weekly and hold our government accountable.  This I think is a positive step in builiding trust with our Government.  Your thoughts?


Site Of The Day: Obameter


It has been only a few days since President Obama started his new job, and just like any job the boss (in this case the American people) needs to have accountability from their new employee.  This is where this site of the day comes in.  It is called the Obameter and it tracks all of the campaign promises of Obama. I wonder what the  Bushmeter looked like after 8 years. The Obameter was created by the site PolitiFact.

PolitiFact has compiled about 500 promises that Barack Obama made during the campaign and is tracking their progress on our Obameter. We rate their status as No Action, In the Works or Stalled. Once we find action is completed, we rate them Promise Kept, Compromise or Promise Broken.

By the initial look of it, Obama is off to a good start.

Inauguration: Photo Recap


Check out some of my pictures from Inauguration week in Washington DC. Some of the pictures were taking by my friend Jonathan.

Long Lines to Vote are a Beautiful Thing


I am going to be real frank here. If you are complaining about the long lines at the polls, STOP IT!

Personally, every time I here someone complain about waiting a couple of hours or more to vote, it disgusts me! Where was all the complaining when people camped out for a damn iPhone, or some Hannah Montana tickets.  People wait two days or more for a phone, a stinkin’ phone, and no complaints. People tailgate for football games for 6-8 hours in frigid temperatures with no complaining; however, waiting a couple of hours to exercise your right to make a difference in this country, we start whining.

What about the soliders who spend a year away in Iraq or Afghanistan from their family. They wait a year to see their family, and you know what no complaining.  Soldiers wait a year, and you can’t wait a couple of hours or more to have your voice heard in this country.  Think about all the kids in this country that are not getting a good education, a good meal, and a good home. Think about the veterans who are having a tough time after getting back from war. Think about all the homeless. Think about the uninsured Americans who can get the necessary health care they need. Is it not worth a few hours to wait? People have died for the right to vote. DIED!!!!  Y’all can wait in a damn line!

When you go vote, make it an event.  How about do some tailgating at the polls? Bring your grills, extra blankets, umbrellas and have fun.  This is an historic moment.  When I see the long lines at the polls, it is one of the most beautiful thing I have seen in this country in long time. Make the sacrifice for your country, and be proud to wait in line!

Remember, whoever you vote for, respect each others’ choice! At the end of the day, we are all Americans.

Viral Video: Mike Gravel does the Suuuperman!!??

Well I guess Mike Gravel(remember him, the grumpy democratic candidate) did not want feel left out from all the Obama videos that have been released. So he step it up with a video with Obama girl. I thought politics couldn’t get any worse. I guess I was wrong.

Behind the Scenes 

Remember this one. I would have voted for him because of it.

The Whole Truth…

I came across these videos. I notice the news media does want to report the news. They want to sell the news. It is amazing that they only show one clip of Jeremy Wright when there are many others. Why is that? Basically it is ratings game. Here some other videos from Falwell and Robertson saying some “hate speech” and McCain supporting them. Where is that in the news? What are your thoughts?

This video doesn’t exist

It is funny how a fake news show can be more honest in telling the news than CNN, Fox, etc.

Here some other videos of Jeremy Wright not “spewing hate”. I am not saying I agree with what he said about America. But it is amazing how one-side the media can be. How come the news doesn’t show other videos from Wright sermons.  It could be that the videos are not as dramatic and exciting as the one currently on  repeat. People like drama, drama sells advertising.  Why do you think reality shows are so successful.  Some might say the news media has some political agenda. The only agenda these so called news outfits have is to make a dollar.  Journalistic integrity is thrown out the door for a Viagra ad.

Here some other Wright videos.  Is it exciting?  Well maybe you can make a story that Common hates America because he is on stage with Wright.  That could get you some good ratings.

The Meaning of the flag…pin?

Recently, in the news, the flag lapel pin has been an issue with Senator Obama. Some people and the media question his patriotism based off a small plastic object. Is patriotism nothing but a fashion statement? Is not patriotism your actions, your deeds, your commitment on serving others and making this country better? Is not patriotism upholding the foundation of this country which is the Constitution?

You know, I don’t wear a flag lapel pin. Am I a communist spy, or maybe a terrorist operative? My parents don’t wear a pin either, should they be deported for their lack of loyalty and patriotism. Hell, why not judge my patriotism by my name: Tarik Jelani Moody. So names like John Smith is somewhat more patriotic than Tarik?

Why is it bad to be a Muslim in this country? Is it because of what happen when a bunch of terrorists that committed a very evil act against this country over 7 years ago happen to be Muslim. Thus all Muslims are all like that? If that is true, the ku klux klan represents all southern white Christians. What about the Oklahoma City bombing that was committed by an average American with a very American name – Timothy McVeigh (not a Muslim name). In this country, we didn’t go after people like him, we just went after him.

We need to treat people based off their actions not their faith, not their race, not their sex, but what they do.

Oh yeah. I forgot. I do wear a flag pin, it is my Army uniform I wear once a month and two weeks out of year. My parents also have pins as well. There pins are called Mother and Father. One of my good friends has one to. It is called a doctor. The other friend is wearing one called a Marine and is serving in Iraq right now. So what is your pin?

I serve in the Army to uphold the Constitution and to protect the rights of all not just a select few.

Vodpod videos no longer available.