Hell Yes Dust Bros

This week on SEVEN O CLOCK Sample we are looking at the sampling legacy of the Dust Brothers.

EZ Mike and King Gizmo have an impressive resume, that includes working with the Beastie Boys, Young MC, Tone Loc, The Rolling Stones, Hanson, and Beck.

The fellas have worked with Beck numerous times. Beck had the Dust Brothers produce his album Odelay, released in 1996. The album spawned the hit songs “Where It’s At” , “Devils Haircut” , “The New Pollution” and “Jack-Ass”  They got into the studio together again in 2004 to produce Beck’s best charting album to date, Guero.

On Guero, Beck and the Dust Brothers pull together a lot of rare grooves and funky loops to build the back drop of the project.

One of my personal favorites is the track “HELL YES”

Great song, that samples another great song….

That’s the OHIO PLAYERS with “Far East Mississippi”



Rollin’ with the Funky Worm

You know you love it, and today’s sample comes to us from the original trunk rattler MASTA ACE. His 2nd Masta Ace Inc. Album Sittin On Chrome featured one of his biggest hits…
Born To Roll

The track first appeared on his SlaughtaHouse album as a hidden track. It was also released as a DJ single 12″ edit before it found it’s way to the Sittin’ on Chrome album.

That funny lil ” Ahh get it BABY!” sample is from FUNKY GRANNY. She was featured on the OHIO PLAYERS 1972 album Pleasure on the last cut entitled Funky Worm

Are THE ROOTS taking Ecstasy?

Today’s Seven O Clock Sample brings together two of my favorite groups. I can’t remember the last gig I played records where I didn’t play either or both of these groups.
Our sampler today… THE ROOTS.
From the album Game Theory It’s the single ” Don’t Feel Right”

That OOH OH OH that you hear in there comes from the funk classic “Ecstasy” from the Ohio Players

… and as a side not, the bridge for the 3rd verse in “Don’t Feel Right” is the bridge from JUNGLE BOOGIT by Kool & The Gang.

WOW! I love samples.