Saturday Session Catch UP!

Hello everybody!

It’s Jordan here, and I must apologize for being a bit behind on my Saturday Session blog posts.

It’s been a very busy summer here at 88NINE, and I have not blogged the Saturday Session for sometime now.

So let’s rewind and see what has been up in the 88NINE studios…

Every Saturday night here on 88NINE, we invite a MKE DJ to come into the studio and give us 2 hours of his or her choice.  This helps us provide our listeners with new and unique music that you will not find anywhere else, and it help us reach out further to the Milwaukee music scene.

Back in July, we had some great mixes, including Demetri Nocturnal, Kenny Perez and Dj Puffin.
Take a listen…

Demetri Nocturnal by radiomilwaukee

Kenny Perez by radiomilwaukee

DJ Puffin by radiomilwaukee

We also recently had a very special episode of Saturday Session which featured Marcus, Jordan AND Tarik all on one show. The RUN ADAM RUN episode of Saturday Session was a wrap up of the mixes that we created for Adam’s run in the Missoula Marathon in Montana.

Adam asked us to create an inspirational mix to keep his legs moving for 3 and a half hours! ( whew )
We each had a direction from Adam in what he wanted the mixes to sound like…

Jordan: Ignition (there will be plenty of adrenaline pumping at the
beginning of the race, so I’m looking for a nice, building groove that has a
hint of restraint to it)
Marcus: Deep Concentration
Tarik: Savage Focus (start more contemplative and intense, but by the
end, transition into the epic and overwhelming)

Take a listen here to my interview with Adam and the mixes…

Run Adam Run! by radiomilwaukee

You can get the un-edited mixes for your work out below…
Work Out With 88NINE by radiomilwaukee


An Evening with ROBERT FRANCIS

From time to time, we at Radio Milwaukee present special concert experiences and events.  We’ve  had some awesome groups come to town and this month, we are excited to present and evening with Robert Francis.

We are happy to host Robert and his band at Whiskey Bar’s beautiful live music room “the Venue”.  If you were able to attend our 3rd annual MILWAUKEE MUSIC AWARDS PARTY, then you know how great this space is.

Robert Francis is currently on tour in support of his new album Before Nightfall.

You’ve heard his hit single “Junebug” here on 88NINE.

Well this is your chance to see Robert LIVE in Milwaukee, and to help support 88NINE at the same time.

This special $8.89 show is a fundraiser for your favorite independent radio station.  100% of the proceeds for this show will go directly to listener supported 88NINE Radio Milwaukee.

There are limited tickets available for this special engagement, so if you are thinking, ” Hey, I’d like to see that show!”; now is your time to act.  While tickets will be available at the door, we’ve set up pre-sales online due to high demand for Robert’s tour.

If you’d like to purchase your tickets now, just click here…

Click Here to Buy Tickets

Listening Party Records

This morning, Jordan had the pleasure of welcoming Andy Menchal and Nicholas Sanborn of Listening Party Records into the 88NINE studios.

Listening Party is a new record label based and founded right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that specializes in high quality, limited edition vinyl releases and pay-what-you-like downloads.
And and Nick have both had an amazing journey as artists and musicians, and they’ve taken that experience, along with a lot of intuition about the recording industry, and created this groundbreaking new label.
For the collectors, Listening Party produce high quality vinyl in hand-numbered editions of 500 with individually silkscreened artwork. This approach is perfect for record nerds like us here at 88NINE.
For the more casual listener, they offer every record we release in multiple high-end formats (320kbps mp3, FLAC, etc) as a pay-what-you-like download because we want everyone to have access to great music. Also great for those of us who having trouble making the car payment each month!
Listen here for more on our talk this morning…

And if you’d like more info on Listening Party, check out their website!

Fun-Drive Wrap Up PARTY!!!

As you’ve most likely already heard, we are hosting our fall membership drive September 28th through October 2nd here on 88Nine. When the on air drive wraps up at 6pm on Friday, the partying begins. We are going to take over Cafe Centraal in Bayview.

Fall Membership Drive Party

The party will kick off with members of the 88NINE Staff on the ones and twos. ( That’s turntables for those who are un-hip.) We’ve also got a great line up of Milwaukee musicians to keep the night interesting. Perfromances will kick off with Scott Hlavenka hitting the stage at 9pm, followed by Ethan Keller at 9:30. Then Mark Waldoch of The Celebrated Working Man will perform a solo set. At 10:30, the always exciting Pezzettino hit the stage, accordion in hand and ready to rock. At 11pm, Radio Milwaukee is excited to welcome home Milwaukee musician sensation Evan Christian. Evan has been in Europe for the past year playing flamenco guitar and sharpening his chops through out eastern Europe.

The night will also feature some of Milwaukee’s finest DJs in the outdoor beer garden. The 88Nine staff will be rockin’ the tent until 9pm, when DJ Bizzon hits the decks. DJ BlackMix will take over at 10:30pm with his unique and ecletic sounds. DJ e.Rich will wrap the party up with a performance you will NOT want to miss. E.Rich will be spinning music videos live at Centraal. We are very excited to hear ( and see ) what he has lined up for us.

This will be an AMAZING night of performances, all in celebration of your membership to listener supported radio. Thank you in advance, and mark your calendars for OCTOBER 2nd!

What is this Twitter thing? And How Do I Tweet?


Some people been asking me how do I follow RadioMilwaukee on Twitter, and what is it?  Well here is a short video for those who are new to twitter and tweeting.  Once you watch, follow RadioMilwaukee and see what we are up to.

Top Picks of 2008 from the 88Nine RadioMilwaukee Staff

2008Well 2008 is coming close to an end, and it is time for the ubiquitous best of 2008 lists.  Here at 88Nine RadioMilwaukee, the staff are very passionate about their music and would like to share their top picks for 2008.  Take at look at them and see how many of their picks are on your lists.  Don’t forget to take the 88Nine’s Best of 2008 Listener Poll and pick your 10 favorite songs. On January 16th we will countdown the top 100 songs of 2008, as voted by you!  Here are the picks from 88Nine RadioMilwaukee’s staff. Enjoy!

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Allow myself to introduce… myself!

ah yes yes y’all. 

Jordan “Madhatter” Lee is checkin’ in with you live and direct from the Radio Milwaukee studios.  I’m excited to be here and looking forward to whats to come!


Keep your eyes peeled as I plan to add some new posts about music I’m feeling, music we are playing, events in the Brew City and my general thoughts on the state of our musical nation!


Peas and LOVE….