88NINE Presents: Fleet Foxes Live From The Pabst Theater on 88Nine!

Sub Pop recording artists Fleet Foxes perform live at the Pabst on October 10th, 2008. Hear the live broadcast on 88Nine RadioMilwaukee….and 20 minutes after the concert ends, 88Nine RadioMilwaukee will re-broadcast the entire performance.

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Valentina and the Power of Radio

I just came to a conclusion. Reports of Radio’s death has been greatly exaggerated.  I read a lot that radio is dead especially music radio.  Sites like Last.FM and Pandora will replace music radio and the DJ. Well I have to completly disagree with that, and its not because I am a DJ, but because of a new unknown, unsigned artist and the reaction I got from playing it on 88Nine RadioMilwaukee.

Who is this artist?  Her name is Valentina.  She is originally from Italy, but currently resides across the pond in England. I first came across her almost two years ago by accident on Myspace.  I was truly blown away by not only the production but her songwriting.  I emailed her to see if I can get some of her tracks to play on the radio.  She sent some tracks over and we added to our rotation in radio.  When we started playing Valentina’s track “Guilt Trip”.  I was really surprised by the reaction that the song got.  Then I notice at her myspace page, that there were a lot of comments from people from Milwaukee.  The comments not only moved me, but it gave me back my faith in the power of radio.  Yes maybe commercial top 40 radio maybe dying, but good non-profit public radio is not only not dying it is gaining strength becuase people are looking for something different and new.  Check out some of these comments and tell me that radio has lost it mojo.

Another observation, technology will never replace a good DJ.  A good DJ can find a song that can evoke an emotion.  Music is nothing but the sonic representation of human emotion. Not to belittle what Pandora and last.fm does, but what better than a  good DJ (who is human) to pick out music to appeal to people by emotion and not by some fancy algorithm. I became a DJ because of other good DJs expose my soul to beautiful music.

These comments are from Valentina’s Myspace blog.

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New Music Wednesday begins on July 23rd

New music is a big deal at RadioMilwaukee.  We bring new music to the air every single week.  Making sure 88Nine listeners like you can Be Heard is a big deal, too.

Starting Wednesday, July 23, we’re bringing our commitment to new music to a whole new level.

Tune in next Wednesday at 7am, 11, 4pm and 8 and be the very first to hear all the week’s new music.  And once you hear it, get on the phone or hit the Soundboard at radiomilwaukee.org and let us know what you think of it.  And listen at 9pm when Tarik plays a couple of brand new tracks we’re digging — you tell us which one sounds the best coming out of your speakers.

We spend our days scouring the planet for the very best new music. You hear new music every day. Just another way things are different at 88Nine.

Be heard on 88Nine RadioMilwaukee.

Celebrate Black Music Month

Black Music today is at a crossroads. Commercial radio has largely confined black music to Top 40 Hip Hop and R & B.  Meanwhile, countless black artists, such as Outkast, Santagold, Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D and Kanye West are busy challenging that narrow definition.

Join RadioMilwaukee this June as we celebrate Black Music Month.  Every Thursday in June we’ll play a 3-4 song set featuring the artists that are working outside the box today that are making a big impact on the music we’ll hear tomorrow.
And starting June 1, go to radiomilwaukee.org and let us know who is your favorite Black artist/band of all time.  We’ll do a live countdown of your picks at the end of the month. Click here for the poll.
Also in June, join us for Stevie Wonderful, a 90 minute musical tribute celebrating the genius and creativity of Stevie Wonder.
Celebrate Black Music Month.  This June.  On 88Nine RadioMilwaukee

Stealin’ Strings on this Friday’s 414 Music

Tune in this Friday at 5:30pm for 414 Music, where DJ Scott Mullins will have the band Stealin’ Strings live in our studios.

Taking its favorite aspects of bluegrass and rock ‘n’ roll and tossing them together into a tasty dish of acoustic-electric vibrations, Stealin’ Strings is storming across the Midwest and beyond, dousing fans with its Bluegressive Rock.

Video: RadioMilwaukee honoring the Military on Memorial Day

As some of you may know, RadioMilwaukee is honoring our Military on Memorial Day by inviting area residents to tape personal thank yous to family members or friends who are veterans or are currently serving our country in the armed forces.

The acknowledgements naming loved ones and thanking them for their military service will be recorded over the next few weeks and air on RadioMilwaukee (88.9 FM) during the Memorial Day weekend.

Check out this report from Fox Milwaukee with our own production guru and all around nice guy Sam Van Hallgren interviewing Military personnel for our Memorial Day special.

If you want to honor the Military, give us a call at 414-475-8030.

Breaking News: We just won Best Radio Station of the Year!

Best Radio Station of 2008

A big THANK YOU goes out to the Wisconsin Area Music Industry folks…they just awarded our station 88Nine RadioMilwaukee a WAMI award for “Best Radio Station of 2008”!

Listen for yourself here.