Freebie | Mos Dub: Mos Def Meets Dub

Big ups to Seizure Chicken on twitter for pointing this out! From Max Tannone, the guy who brought you the Jaydiohead (Jay-Z x Radiohead), comes Mos Dub.  Blending Mos Def lyricism with various reggae and dub cuts, into a well crafted piece of music.  Mos Def really should look into doing a reggae/dub record after hearing this. You can download it here.

Here is the sample information on each track:

1/10 – Johnny Too Beef (“Beef” – Mos Def [Mos Definite] x “Johnny Too Bad” – The Slickers [“The Harder They Come” soundtrack])
2/10 – History Town (“History” – Mos Def feat. Talb Kweli [The Ecstatic] x “007 (Shanty Town)” – Desmond Dekker & The Aces [“The Harder They Come” soundtrack])
3/10 – Ms. Vampire Booty (“Ms. Fat Booty” – Mos Def [Black On Both Sides] x “The Mummy Shroud” – Scientist [Rids The World of Vampire Curse])
4/10 – In My Math (“Mathematics” – Mos Def [Black On Both Sides] x “Your Teeth In My Neck” – Scientist [Rids The World of Vampire Curse])
5/10 – Travellin’ Underground (“Travellin’ Man” – Mos Def [Mos Definite] x “Underground” – Lee Perry [Superape])
6/10 – Shroud The Stars (“Bright As The Stars” – Mos Def feat. Talib Kweli [Ah Ha/Bright As The Stars – 12″] x “The Mummy Shroud” – Scientist [Rids The World of Vampire Curse])
7/10 – Mr. Universe (“Next Universe” – Mos Def [Rawkus Presents Soundbombing 2] x “Mr. D. Brown Skank” – The Observer All-Stars [Trojan Dub Box Set Vol. 2 CD3])
8/10 – Summertime Running (“Summertime” – Mos Def feat. Medina Green [Mos Definite] x “Running Dub” – King Tubby & Errol Thompson [The Black Foundation In Dub])
9/10 – Kampala Truth Work (“Work It Out” – Mos Def [The Dangerous Mix] x “Kampala” – Dub Specialist [African Rub A Dub (Studio One)] x “Truth And Rights” – Johnny Osbourne [Truth & Rights])
10/10- Hurricane Black (“Hurricane” – Black Thought, Common, Mos Def [“The Hurricane” soundtrack] x “Black Moon” – Third World All Star [Rebel Rock])

New Flying Lotus featuring Radiohead’s Thom Yorke

Flying Lotus is probably one of the hottest producers/artists right now. This grand-nephew of the legendary Alice Coltrane got his start with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, when his music was playing during the channel’s interludes between shows. Now this LA kid can do no wrong.  He has also created one of the most exciting labels around called Brainfeeder and with a highly anticipated album called Cosmogramma on the way, 2010 will definitely be his year.  A new track has appeared on the internet featuring Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. His album will drop on May 4th on Warp records.

Speaking of Brainfeeder, did you know a cat from Milwaukee is on that label?  Check out Lorn, you won’t regret it. Flying Lotus will be at the Double Door in Chicago on April 2nd.

Flying Lotus – “And The World Laughs With You feat. Thom Yorke”

DJ Tarik’s Top 5 of 2008


Photo credits: Sarah White


Ok, when I was asked to picked my top 5 for 2008, I said only 5 can’t we do a 100.  Our program director immediately laugh at me and then with a straight face said no only 5.   So I racked my brains on this for a week.  So my top 5 are not really my top 5, but more of sampling of music I have been digging all year around.  So this list is not any particular order.  If you want to hear more of my favorite tunes for 2008, tune into Rhythm Lab Radio next weekend on December 19th and 21st. I will be playing the best of Rhythm Lab Radio for 2008.  So without further delay my top 5 picks (sort of)…

1. Flying Lotus – Roberta Flack feat. Dolly

It seems this producer related to the late great Alice Coltrain can do no wrong. His album Los Angeles was on repeat on my iphone and on my turntables.  The tune is sensual and hard at the same time.

2. Little Dragon – Forever

2008 was the year Swedish artists.  Artists such as Kissey Asplund, Adam Tensta, Lykke Li, Mapei, and Robyn put out amazing music in 2008. But one Swedish group stood out for me and it was Little Dragon and their self-titled debut that was release earlier this year. Their album is rich, soulful and full of emotion.  It is one of those records you can listen to and forget about everything that is going around you.  The standout track for me  was Forever.  It has this hypnotizing dubbed out beat, and then you had the sensual but powerful vocals of Yukimi Nagano and I am in another place and time.  The song is totally in sync with my heartbeat.

3. Crookers ft. Kid Cudi – “Embrace The Martian

This was the year of the mixtapes. Everybody and their grandmother had a mixtape; however, there were only a few standout mixtapes including Wale’s Mixtape About Nothing(download), Game Rebellion’s Searching for Rick Rubin (download).  The one that I really enjoyed was from Ohio based MC Kid Cudi and his mixtape simply entitled “A Kid Name Cudi” (download).  His ability to sing along with his rapping skills was so refreshing. The standout tracks for me on the mixtape are “Heaven at Nite” and “Embrace the Martian” (which was produced by the Crookers). He is even featured on a song with Kanye West on his 808 & Heartbreaks.

4. Radiohead – “15 Step” from the album “In Rainbows”

I know that this album is probably on everyone’s “Best of List”.  I have two reason why this album is on my list and one of them has to do with how they released “In Rainbows”.  They released it on their site for whatever you wanted to pay for it.  It may have not revolutionized the music industry, but it was defining moment in the industry’s history. That alone was enough to get in my list. But no, they decided to actually make a real good album too.  Especially my song pick of “15 Step”.  The song to me is so powerful and moving and probably one of my favorite Radiohead songs.  The percussion arrangement is amazing. It sounds like this song was actually made for Nina Simone. Enough said!

5. Santogold – “Creator” from her self-titled album

I probably blog most about Santogold than any other thing I blogged all year.  Her album was the most refreshing and adventurous albums all year long, and the track “Creator” sets the tone for her solo debut release.  The energy level of this song is off the charts and can not be ignored.  She should of definitely been nominated for a Grammy for this release.  Hey Grammy’s quit sleeping!!!

Well that’s it.  What do you think? What are some of yours?  And don’t forget to vote for your favorite songs in our 88Nine’s Best of 2008 Listener Poll.

Site Of the Day…

Hey all, just wanted to share this bit of information that was passed along to me. It’s really a link to a site for aspiring music producers to remix a Radiohead song. The song is “Reckoner” from their latest album In Rainbows and it’s a great way to make a name for yourself as a producer. My favorite remix of the cut is none other than Milwaukee’s own LMNtlyst. Hear it!

Radiohead : Reckoner (LMNtlyst Remix)


and vote for it here.

Extraordinarily Unique Music Video Concept

This video is one of the most unique I have ever seen. James Frost with Zoo Films, the director, has also directed music videos for Norah Jones, The Beta Band, Coldplay and others. The ‘House of Cards’ video was produced with no cameras, or lights. Instead, the use of lasers rotating and shooting to capture 3D images at a close proximity. Genius!

Toodles 🙂

Video: Radiohead, “All I Need”

Check this video for Radiohead’s “All I Need” from In Rainbows. This song and 15 step are my favorite tunes from the album. What is yours?

Check out this fan video for the same song

You got to love it: Prince covers Radiohead

Prince performed a live cover of Radiohead’s classic tune “Creep” at this year’s Coachella.  All I have to say is…Damn!