Jordan here!

Today I was pleased to check into one of my favorite music sites on the web… RCRDLBL.COM and I discovered that two of my personal favorite artists were available for download…TOGETHER!

Chali 2na has been in heavy rotation for me since 1998.  I discovered J-5 and Ozomatli in my senior year, and I never stopped being a fan!

About 2 years ago, I began to pick up on the Dub Step scene.  My good buddy Kruser gets a of of the credit, but Marcus and Kid Cut Up get a lot of props too.  This new style “flipped my wig”.  It was the perfect marriage of Hip Hop, Brum and Bass and Electronic styles I loved.  My favorite sound designer in the Dub Step, the funky Mr. RUSKO.

Today I discovered this track, and I had to share with all of you!!!!

CHALI 2NA – “Gadget Go Go” ( produced by Rusko )

Download from RCRDLBL here….


New M.I.A. | Born Free

M.I.A. has been causing some commotion of late.  In an interview, she said this about Lady GaGa:

“She models herself on Grace Jones and Madonna, but the music sounds like 20-year-old Ibiza disco, you know?”

Honestly, I have to agree with her on that statement. Shortly after that, she announced details about her forthcoming album due out in June.  The album will feature production from Diplo, Rusko, Switch, Blaqstarr, and Sleigh Bells’ Derek Miller (If you not heard of Sleigh Bells, you got to check them out). The track has a very raw, and abrasive vibe to it.  I think some might call this “punk”. Check it out and let me know what you think.  The album will be released on her imprint N.E.E.T, which has releases coming from Rye Rye and the Sleigh Bells. (via The Couch Sessions)

M.I.A. – “Born Free”

Sound Travels, From The New New to Dubstep…A Heap Of Mixes For You


Sound Travels Sunday Soul Rub, Ital Rinse: Dubstep Mix


So we find a bit of space and time since I last posted a Sound Travels Session and I have a ton to drop on ya today. The week started out as an adventure in new music and by Wednesday, had turned into a dubstep expedition. Although many of you are familiar with this very young genre, most are not. Though if you are here to fulfill your curiosity I will stick to the basics. There are plenty of pieces on the internet that can tell you what the genre is all about, I wanted to play some of it for you.

So I did, and thereby bringing you all some of the heaviest vibes in Milwaukee, hope you heard something inspiring, this is what I played…


Rusko “C Jahova” Babylon Volume 1

DZ “Jah Prayer” DZ Dubwise

Accomplice “Babylon Dub (feat Edit)” Babylon Dub

DOM HZ/SYNKRO “Dub Dicipline (Synkro remix)” Dub Dicipline

The Spit Brothers “Roll & Tumble (VIP mix)” DZ Dubwise

The Bug “Jah War (feat. Flowdan)” Mary Anne Hobbs – Warrior Dubz Continue reading