Superman Break

This week on the 7 o’clock sample, we have been exploring movie and TV theme music…

There is a laundry list of TV themes that have been sampled by Rap and Electronic acts.  Some of my favorites include the Knight Rider Theme, Inspector Gadget, Theme From BattleStar Galatica, and even the Fat Albert Theme.  But it’s not that often that A TV show’s theme song has a sample in it.  However, I found an exception to that!

Do ya Ever watch SCRUBS?

Well that funky drum break is one of the most sampled drum breaks in soul music…

The Honey Drippers “Impeach The President” Break…



Internet Killed the TV Star…thank god!!!

Epic Fu

I am a big fan of original video content on the internet and no I don’t  mean does silly videos of people doing the soulja boy dance.  I mean actual shows, with original content, and good production.  One of my favorite shows is back and join forces with a Revision3 which is a internet network of original shows including XLR8R TV (show based on the music magazine).  The show I am talking about is called Epic FU.  Epic Fu has been rebranded as the owner’s manual for the web. The show covers everything from music, art, politics, and technology in under 6 minutes.  There are episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.  Epic Fu even has a vibrant and active community of almost 3,000 members including the Rhythm Lab(Fridays and Sundays at 10pm on RadioMilwaukee).

Check out the latest episode, and look out for the Rhythm Lab getting a little love near the end.

Pitchfork does what MTV should be doing

Pitchfork TV

The music website Pitchfork launches it’s online TV station tomorrow April 7th. will become the first online video channel to screen full-length feature films, vintage concerts, and music DVDs free of charge. From the Pixies’ 2004 reunion tour film LoudQuietLoud and Todd Phillips’ notorious GG Allin documentary Hated, to Jimmy Joe Roche & Dan Deacon’s acid-drenched visual art piece Ultimate Reality, will highlight a different film each week in its entirety.

The station will launch with the “Behind the Scenes of the Pixies Reunion Tour”

Breeders Documentary

Check out the rest of schedule here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Breeders Documentary