Respect The Architect: Architecture Inspired Ice Cream Sandwiches



Architecture, puns, ice cream, and two lovely ladies – what more can a guy ask for? How about all of that packaged in a twitter powered truck called Coolhaus (similar to Kogi Korean BBQ). Coolhaus is an ice cream truck taken to the “extreme”.  The name takes a twist on the famous architect Rem Koolhass.  Founded by two twenty-somethings Freya Estreller and Natasha Case, Coolhaus sells creative ice cream sandwiches with names like Frank Behry (sugar cookie, strawberry ice cream), Mies Vanilla Rohe (chocolate chip cookie, vanilla ice cram) and Richard Meyer Ginger Lemon(ginger cookie, lemon ice cream). As you can see, the sandwiches are “loosely” named after famous architects.  Not only the names are creative, but what the ice cream sandwiches are made of. The ice cream is homemade from local and organic ingredients when possible. The wrapper for the sandwiches is even edible which is made out of rice paper and the logo is soy based ink.


The ladies debuted  Coolhaus at this year’s Coachella.  Learn more about Coolhaus owner’s in this interview. In the meantime check out their website.


Forget Twitter, Try This…

Twitter creates a tasty business, America’s First Viral Eatery


For those who criticized and doesn’t understand the potential of twitter, needs to see this video. Technology is a tool and not a replacement for something and should  be used as such. Kogi BBQ is a Korean BBQ Taco truck that use a technology to help spread the word of their restaurant.  Twitter didn’t change how they make tacos, nor did it make the tacos. It basically help create demand for their product which is always a good thing in this economy. View the article and the video here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Respect The Architect | Architecture on Twitter


Today, I’m starting a new column called “Respect The Architect”. When I’m on air you hear me say Tarik aka The Architect.  People ask me what does that mean? Well it has a double meaning.  The first meaning is that just like a bring materials together to create a building, I bring songs together to construct a set of music. The second meaning is from my previous life, I practiced Architecture. I work for a firms in Minneapolis that designed buildings like bars, restaurants, athletic facilities, and even airports.  I received my Bachelor of Architecture from Howard University in Washington DC back 1996.  Besides music, design and Architecture has always been a passion for me.  I have been highlighting music on this blog, I thought I share with you my love for Architecture and design here as well.  I want to highlight the importance of Architects and Architecture.  I feel the profession doesn’t get the respect as it should. Fashion designers get more respect than Architects, and I want to change that at least through these little posts.

The first post for “Respect The Architect” is about my obsession with Twitter.  Within only a few months, Twitter went from undergound to mainstream in lighting speed.  The simple concept of “What Are You Doing” has went from talking about your breakfast to promoting music, to breaking news from around the world.  Every type of industry is getting their tweet on including Architecture.  Artctiy from Twitter hip me to a new use for twitter when it comes to Architecture. It is called Pevstweet: Great Building in 140 Characters or Less.

Pevstweet is a humble attempt to create a Pevsner inspired twitterbase of great buildings and get architecture into the twittersphere. Niklaus Pevsner was an architectural historian whose attempt to record the buildings of England was published in the Buildings of England Series.

To see what buildings that I have been added, just follow Pevstweet on Twitter. If you want to contribute a building, just follow these instructions.

To add a building to pevstweet there is only 1 simple rule

add the tag #pevstweet to the building details on your tweet

There are, however, other things you can do to help maximise the success of your entry:

Minimum Building Details

At the pevstweet twitter site the buildings are recorded in a certain order as follows

Building Name (eg CN Tower)
Location (eg Toronto)
Date (eg 1976)
Style/Type (Modern Tower)
Significant snippet (eg tall structure with viewing platform)
Architect (anon if none)
Link (shrink your link)
#pevstweet (always add this)

Here is an example:

The people behind Pevstweet highlighted some benefits to doing this via twitter and here are some:

  • Research by keyword (for example here’s a twitter search for Art Nouveau buildings) – check out the list of sample searches at the bottom of this page. The beauty of twitter is that the search is live. As more and more buildings are entered they will show up on the search. You can cross reference keywords too e.g.  Art Nouveau in Glasgow.
  • Record your favourite building or community for posterity with links to images and other information
  • Publicize your campaign to save a building by encouraging re-tweets
  • Generate the profile of a new building by encouraging re-tweets
  • Use other apps to analyse and present the building data in a relational way (see an example of this onTweet Grid)
  • Review the popularity of buildings, styles, periods or types on the twittersphere – by re-tweets or by the number of times a building has been entered.
  • Are you an architect with a new building to promote? Add it to pevstweet to reach an audience with an architecture based profile – and tweet it around

Site of the Day: Chirpcity | Milwaukee


As you know RadioMilwaukee is on twitter.  If you have been following us, you seen some of the cool stuff we have posted and some great conversations we are having.  Check out “Be Heard: Twitter Your Life Away” post on UnifiedMilwaukee to learn more.  One downside of twitter, their is a lot of clutter. If you want to find out what is going on with Milwaukee, it can be challenging until now.  Chirpcity aims to organize tweets by city.  If you go to the main page of Chirpcity, you notice that Milwaukee is one of the top twitter cities (Miltown representing).  Give it a try and visit Chirpcity | Milwaukee.

Cool Read: “50 Reasons Why I Love Milwaukee”


Our program director Sam saw this blog post entitled “50 Reasons Why I  Love Milwaukee” via twitter.  The blog was written by Karen Cinpinski on her blog “Between the Bars”.  It is an amazing list of things and places that makes Milwaukee unique and a very special city like no other city in the world.  Here is part of her list. Go to her blog and check out the rest.  Leave comments on some of your reasons why you love Milwaukee. 


Milwaukee Twestival, Thurday February 12th at Wicked Hop


As some of you know, I am big fan and user of Twitter. Not sure what twitter is yet, check this little video on Twitter. Anyway, I have great conversations with people on twitter from all over Milwaukee and the world.  Twitter is an amazing community and this is where Twestival comes in. On 12 February 2009 175+ cities around the world will be hosting Twestivals which bring together Twitter communities for an evening of fun and to raise money and awareness for charity: water. The Twestival is organized 100% by volunteers in cities around the world and 100% of the money raised from these events will go directly to support charity: water projects.

One of those 175+ cities hosting a Twestival will be Milwaukee.  The Milwaukee Twestival will be held at the the Jackalope Lounj at the Wicked Hop in the 3rd Ward from 8pm-until. There will be music by Milwaukee artist Micha Olsan and DJ sets by Kid Millions and RadioMilwaukee’s DJ Tarik. Tickets, which are $10 donation at the door, are available at the Wicked Hop on the night of the event and online for $5 HERE, as well as links to securely donate any amount you’d like.  The goal of the Milwaukee Twestival is to raise up to $4,000 USD, which is the price of one water well in central Africa.  For more information visit

Ryan Thompson, Director of and organizer for the Milwaukee Twestival will be stopping by the studio for interview around 3pm.